New Research Grant Enhancement Scheme

The University’s grant income has been significantly increasing in recent years and we want academics who win new grants to be able to benefit from that continued success. A new Research Grant Enhancement Scheme has been designed to provide additional funds to academic staff who successfully receive externally funded research grant income. The funds will provide additional resources that can be used for flexible purposes ( for their research and impact activities.

The scheme will apply to research projects submitted to external sources from 1st January 2017.

There will be three enhancement schemes funds:

Scheme fund 1: Additional funding based on 0.5% of the staff budgets of awarded grants. Where the calculated fund is greater than £100 this amount will be allocated to Principal Investigators for use during the project period and for up to six months following the project end. PIs will administer the funds but will be expected to discuss the use of the funds with co-investigators and other academic staff involved in the project.

Where the enhancement amount calculated is less than £100 the funding will be added to a Faculty fund for research and impact activities.

Scheme fund 2: For large strategic awards institutional funds are awarded through the existing process when a case is made to UPRG. This scheme will continue in its current form.

Scheme fund 3: For research projects awarded at greater than full economic costs, 70% of the additional income will be provided to the PI for use during the project period and for up to six months following the project end.


Full scheme details can be found here. No action is required at this stage. The RSO will monitor submissions and awards and identify which scheme fund applies. PIs will be notified of the funds and how to access them at the award stage. 

Date added: 9/12/16

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