Technical Information about DIALANG

Updated 22 March 2017

Installing (traditional) DIALANG

The old "traditional" DIALANG is no longer available.

Connecting to the DIALANG Web Server

If your browser fails to connect to the DIALANG Web Server, try "pinging" the server:
For example at a (DOS) command prompt, type "PING".
If you receive a response to the ping - then the DIALANG Web Server is running, and there is probably a fault local to your PC or LAN.
The box below shows a reply. Your reply may be slower (because my PC is "near" the server).

It may be necessary to configure your anti-virus software or your firewall software to allow your browser to access the DIALANG Web Server.

If the DIALANG Web Server stops running, we expect to receive hundreds of emails telling us - and will update these pages!


DIALANG Web Server was unavailable for short periods on 24/25 August 2016.