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Updated 26 August 2016


There is a new web-based (beta) version of DIALANG available. Click here for more information and how to access it.


DIALANG is a language diagnosis system developed by many European higher education institutions. It reports your level of skill against the Common European Framework (CEF) for language learning. DIALANG is not an exam. DIALANG does not issue certificates.

DIALANG’s skills are reading, writing, listening, grammar and vocabulary

DIALANG’s languages are Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Icelandic, Irish-gaelic, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. DIALANG has instructions and tests in all these languages.

How to use (traditional) DIALANG

(1) Download the DIALANG client software to your PC
(2) Install the DIALANG software on your PC
(3) Click the DIALANG icon to run DIALANG.
You can download the DIALANG client software zip file (2.8 Mbytes) by clicking here.
DIALANG needs Java (the Java Runtime Environment or JRE).
• You may download the most recent Java JRE from the Java website.
• Or: we know that DIALANG works correctly with this older version of Java: Click here.

After installation, you start the DIALANG client software by clicking on the DIALANG icon. The DIALANG client on your PC uses the Internet to connect to the DIALANG Test Server (different from this website).


The current DIALANG Test Server started running on 17 October 2006. It is physically located here at Lancaster University. The DIALANG Test Server is scheduled to continue to run with no break in service (except if noted above). On average there are more than 500 successful sessions per day, and over 1,000 on some days.
So - if you cannot connect to the DIALANG Test Server, the problem is probably local to you and/or your IT department. Almost everyone connects very easily.

During 2009 the DIALANG website (different to the DIALANG Test Server) was attacked by computer hackers. We have closed down the old DIALANG website and replaced it with these pages hosted at Lancaster University.

DIALANG Background

DIALANG was developed by many European universities with assistance from Europe.
At the end of the work, the prototype DIALANG software was made public, and this is what is running today.
DIALANG now has no employees and no money.
Lancaster University is running the technology of DIALANG "pro bono". When there is a problem, our technicians fix it in their free time without payment.
Lancaster University is currently working to try to find a sustainable future for DIALANG.

DIALANG Google Group

There is a Google group for users of DIALANG. Please click here for details.