Frequently asked questions about DIALANG

Updated 26 August 2016

How much does it cost to use DIALANG?
DIALANG is free to use (and our objective is that DIALANG will remain free in future)

How do I use DIALANG?
(1) You download the client software
(2) You install it on your PC
[You may need also to download and install an old version of Java]
(3) You start the client software and this connects to the DIALANG Test Server (different from the website server) via the internet to run the tests.
For more information about downloading, installing and running DIALANG, click "Technical Information" on the left.

Do I need a software licence to run DIALANG
No. You can use DIALANG without a licence.

How do I obtain a user-name and password?
DIALANG has no user-names. No passwords. No registration. No login.
You start the client and do the tests.

What user data does DIALANG obtain and save?
There is no login to DIALANG. All users are anonymous, so DIALANG collects no user data.
DIALANG does collect anonymous statistics on the number of tests run per-language and per-skill.
Read more about DIALANG and cookies

How can I show my result to my teacher?
You can print the screen of DIALANG.

Are there versions of DIALANG for other (non-Microsoft) operating systems - such as Mac & Linux & Android?
No - there are no versions of DIALANG for those operating systems.
Some people have reported running DIALANG on Linux using an emulator, and you may find information on the internet. Try searching for "DIALANG Linux" or "DIALANG WINE" etc.

NEW: JULY 2015 There is now a beta-test version of a web-based DIALANG needing only a web browser. Click here for more information.

Does DIALANG work with Windows 7?
Yes - we have tested DIALANG with 32-bit Windows 7 and it works.
We have not tested with 64-bit Windows 7, but some people have reported to us that this works OK.
You may see a box like this when running DIALANG with Windows 7. The colour scheme correctly changes back when DIALANG exits:
Win7 colour change image
Does DIALANG work with Windows 8 or Windows 10?
We have not tested DIALANG with Windows 8 or Windows 10.

DIALANG remembers and disables the tests I take on my PC. How can a second user take the same tests on the same PC?
Exit from DIALANG and then start DIALANG again. Then you can take the same tests again.

Is there a time limit for a DIALANG test?
No - you can be as fast or as slow as you like!

Is the DIALANG Mailing List working?
No - the Mailing List is not in operation at present.

Is there a CD-ROM version of DIALANG?

Are there different versions (revisions) of DIALANG?
No there is only one version.

Is anyone updating the DIALANG tests?
The current version of DIALANG is static at present. There is no resource to make any changes.

Can I install DIALANG on a local server?
No - you have to use the internet version.

Can I put a hyperlink to DIALANG on my web page to tell other people about it?
Yes - please link to ""

Can I use screenshots of DIALANG in material for my students?
Yes - you may do this, BUT:
(1) You must include "Copyright © DIALANG Consortium" to acknowledge the copyright holders; and
(2) You can show questions, but NO answers (correct or incorrect) from DIALANG.

How can I find out about the validity, reliability and calibration of the DIALANG tests?
See the book: "Diagnosing Foreign Language Proficiency" by Professor J. Charles Alderson ISBN 0-8264-9388-2 available from Amazon and elsewhere.

DIALANG has tests for Vocabulary and Grammar, but these skills are not part of the CEF scales. How can I find out about these tests?
See chapters 12 and 13 of Charles Alderson's book (details above)