Lancaster University Spinout Companies

Lancaster University has formed and/or holds equity in a number of spinout companies based on Lancaster University technology. You can find more details about them by following the links below or by contacting the Intellectual Property Team.

Lancaster University normally holds equity in its spinouts via its wholly owned subsidiary company Lancaster University Business Enterprises Ltd ("LUBEL"). Detailed lists of shareholders and holdings are available for public scrutiny at Companies House. Rather than duplicate this information here, we have provided links (via clickable company numbers below), that take you directly to the Companies House website. There you may inspect without charge documents such as Annual Reports or Incorporation Documents.

Lancaster University also has a range of intellectual property available for licensing.






21 Media Innovations Ltd  06661572 20080731   ACTIVE   Simplifying the digital media experience
Anasys Instruments Limited   05138048 20040526   20140430   Pioneering thermal microscopy
Big Dog Interactive Limited   05903595 20060811   20140624   Projects combining art and computing
Bookmart Ltd   10285273 20160719   ACTIVE   Digital library services
Brain Protect Ltd   09959046 20160119   ACTIVE   Neurological disease research
Cable Sense Limited   06746156 20081111   ACTIVE   Real-time diagnostics for comms networks
DGT Research Limited 03410838 19970729   ACTIVE   Services for water quality measurement
Entelsensys Limited 07316701 20100715   Not trading Intelligent remote sensing
HW Communications Limited 02529926 19900810   ACTIVE   Advanced electronics & security
Hybrid Instruments Limited 04634797 20030113   ACTIVE   Ultra-fast nuclear instrumentation
Inotek Limited 05282108 20041109   20110510   Advanced micro-electronics
Lancaster Cryogenics Limited 07861821 20111128   ACTIVE   Ultra-low temperature components
Lancaster Helium Ltd 10276646 20160713   ACTIVE   Supply of isotopically pure helium-4
Lancaster Material Analysis Ltd 08855075 20140121   ACTIVE   Specialist micro-materials analysis
Lancaster University Network Services Limited 04311892 20011026   ACTIVE   Specialist network services
Lucidina Limited 06443418 20071203   20100427   Digital lighting
Mesh21 Limited 07830969 20111101   20120505   Radio mesh networks
Molarity Limited 06751530 20081118   20140916   Automated business intelligence
m-ventions Limited 05280667 20041108   Not trading   Mobile computing technology
Naismith Ltd 05527915 20050804   20090512   User interface technology
Novabiomatrix Ltd 08877596 20140205   Not trading   Medical devices
Quantum Base Limited 08501521 20140424   ACTIVE   Specialist products using quantum devices
Quantum Epitaxial Devices Limited 05702217 20060208   ACTIVE Specialist infra-red semiconductor devices
Relative Insight Limited 06236082 20070503   ACTIVE World-leading language analysis for brands
Revivocell Limited 09444997 20150217   ACTIVE   Medical technology
Stratalytics Research Limited 05552510 20050902   ACTIVE   Specialist human resource analysis
The Research Engine Limited 05879773 20060718   20110322   Automation of research methods
The list of companies above was updated by GJS 2017-JUN-06