Knowledge Transfer Schemes

Collaborative or CASE Studentships fund the more able students to undertake three years of study for a PhD degree, five years for part time awards. These projects are jointly designed and supervised by a University department and a company, who can be from the public, private or voluntary sectors, ranging from multinationals, SMEs, local authorities and registered charities. The student will spend at least 3 months during the period of the award at the company’s premises. CASE stands for Collaborative Awards in Science and Engineering, but the studentships are now awarded across all the fields of research supported by the UK Research Councils. The company partner is required to contribute a minimum of a third of the Research Councils contribution.

Industrial CASE Training Grants provide funding for the training of research students, leading to the award of a recognised qualification, usually a PhD. The company partner takes the lead in defining projects for students and selecting an academic partner of their choice. The project duration can be up to 4 years full time with the student spending at least 3 months of a 3 year award at the company premises. A Research Council will provide funds to cover student stipends, fees and the incidental costs of research.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) are part funded by the government and enable collaborative partnerships between the knowledge base and industry. These partnerships serve as a mechanism to transfer knowledge and to develop graduates. The graduates are based full-time at the company working on a project ranging from 12 to 36 months. The company’s contribution to a KTP ranges from £16.5k to £30.5k per year per graduate.

Knowledge Catalyst is an Arts & Humanities Research Council funded scheme which supports partnerships between the arts and humanities research base of a University and an Enterprise Partner, which seek to address a significant challenge by employing a graduate to work on this area, supported by an academic, over a period of 3 to 15 months at an estimated cost of £14k per year per graduate.

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