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Contact details

The accommodation is all managed locally by the Residence Officer, who has an office in your college. You can go and see them about anything, or contact them by phone or email at any time. If they aren't there, you can request an appointment if you like.


Their contact details are listed below. All internal calls are free from the phone in your room. All email addresses are ''.


Bowland residences

AlisonThe Bowland Residence Officer is Alison Platt


Telephone: 01524 594498


Internal: x94498


Email: bowlandcro


Cartmel residences

EdwinaThe Cartmel Residence Officer is Edwina Greenfield


Telephone: 01524 592455


Internal: x92455


Email: cartmelcro



Chancellor's Wharf

KateThe Chancellor's Wharf Residence Officer is Kate Mackie


Telephone: 01524 594470


Internal: x94470


Email: cwcro



County residences

JacquiThe County Residence Officer is Jacqui Brian


Telephone: 01524 594699


Internal: x94699


Email: countycro


MichelleThe Assistant County Residence Officer (normally Mon & Thurs) is Michelle Wood


Telephone: 01524 594307


Internal: x94307


Email: countycro



Furness residences


AndrewThe Furness Residence Officer is Andrew Gibson


Telephone: 01524 594288


Internal: x94288


Email: furnessresidences


MichelleThe Assistant Furness Residence Officer (normally Tues & Weds) is Michelle Wood


Telephone: 01524 594307


Internal: x94307


Email: furnessresidences



Fylde residences

DeniseThe Fylde Residence Officer is Denise Rutledge


Telephone: 01524 592683


Internal: x92683


Email: fyldecro



Graduate residences

LucyannThe Graduate Residence Officer is Lucyann Featherstone


Telephone: 01524 593167


Internal: x93167


Email: gcro


JoyThe Graduate Residence Assistant is Joy Payne


Telephone: 01524 593449


Internal: x93449


Email: gcro


MagsThe Graduate Residence Assistant is Mags Gardner


Telephone: 01524 593342


Internal: x93342


Email: gcro



Grizedale residences

TracyThe Grizedale Residence Officer is Tracy Hargreaves


Telephone: 01524 592610


Internal: x92610


Email: gzcro



Lonsdale residences

LouiseThe Lonsdale Residence Officer is Louise Lawless


Telephone: 01524 594970


Internal: x94970


Email: lonsdalecro



Pendle residences

KeithThe Pendle Residence Officer is Keith Calvert


Telephone: 01524 594502


Internal: x94502


Email: pendlecro



Accommodation Office:

The following members of the Accommodation team are based in University House.


Departmental Officer

HeatherThe Departmental Officer is Heather Hobson


Telephone: 01524 594694


Internal: x94694


Email: accommodation



Departmental Assistant

SarahThe Departmental Assistant is Sarah Barcas


Telephone: 01524 593554


Internal: x93554


Email: accommodation


Residence Manager

CandaceThe Residence Manager is Candace Davies


Telephone: 01524 594694


Internal: x94694


Email: accommodation


Family Flats

RosemaryThe Flats Administration Officer is Rosemary Doyle (Tues, Weds & Fri)


Telephone: 01524 593365


Internal: x93365


Email: flats



MagsThe Flats Assistant is Mags Gardner


Telephone: 01524 594359


Internal: x94359


Email: flats


Marketing & Communications

AndrewThe Marketing Manager for Accommodation Services is Andrew Gibson


Telephone: 01524 594288


Internal: x94288


Email: cropublicity



Systems Co-ordinator

DavidThe Systems Co-Ordinator for Accommodation Services is David Thornton


Telephone: 01524 592062


Internal: x92062


Email: crosystemsandfinance



Finance Officer

JanThe Finance Officer for Accommodation Services is Jan France


Telephone: 01524 592917


Internal: x92917


Email: crosystemsandfinance



Accreditation Officer

JanThe Accreditation Officer for Lancaster University Homes is Lorayne Ferguson


Telephone: 01524 592926


Internal: x92926


Email: accommodation