Accommodation Masthead Lancaster University Masthead picture of a young resident in a family flat!

Families & couples:

On campus accommodation

There is a wide range of accommodation on the University campus at Bailrigg to suit couples and families with children. Many of our flat tenants renew their leases and stay with us for the duration of their studies, whether they are undergraduates, postgraduates or both.


The convenience of being within easy reach of the departments and the library means that you can arrange your own study pattern around your family life, without having to worry about travelling to and from the University to do so. For students with children, there are good schools within a mile or two, and a pre-school centre on the campus itself.


Remember: if you plan to live off-campus you will need to allow for travel costs: An annual bus pass would cost students in the region of £300, and any non students would pay up to double that price. Utility costs including electricity, gas and broadband internet are also not normally included in the rent of family accommodation off campus.


The flats

We have flats that range in size up to three bedrooms for students with several children, though most of our flats have one or two bedrooms. We will try to allocate the most appropriate accommodation to suit your circumstances, so please do contact the Flats Officer with any queries or for more information. You can see a selection of pictures of the family flats here.


The cost

The rent on our family accommodation starts at £150.50 per week for a one bedroom flat, including all utility charges. Most one bedroom flats cost £168.70 though, and if you're renting as a couple, that equates to just £84.35 for each of you. Two bedroom flats start at £170 per week.


For more detail on our flats including sizes, locations, and details of larger units, see the Family Flat details page.


Flat leases

The leases on the family flats run for 50 weeks, from 26 September 2015. Please note that when you accept the offer of a flat you are committing yourself to the full period of the lease. If you wish to vacate the flat before the end of the 50 week period, you will be liable for rent payments until a replacement tenant is found. The new tenant must be acceptable to the University and not vacating another university residence.

Council Tax

In certain circumstances you or your partner may have to pay Council Tax to Lancaster City Council. You can find out more about this on the Student Funding Service Council Tax page, or get Council Tax advice from UKCISA if you are an international student. The taxes apply regardless of whether you live on or off campus.