Unite with bUSINESS


Will working for a business, on a project basis, increase my chances of graduate-level employment?”

The simple answer is YES!

The Unite with Business programme can provide you with PAID opportunities to work in a business on a meaningful project relevant to your studies. These short-term opportunities last for 20 days and provide a real insight into the work-pIace.

 “When I work for a business will I get paid?”

YES, the Unite with Business programme will pay you above national minimum wage for a period of 20 days while you complete the agreed business project.

 “Will my skills and knowledge be matched with an appropriate business project?”

YES, this programme works with businesses that require additional skills and knowledge to achieve specific project outcomes. You will be recruited on the basis of your skills, knowledge and abilities.

 “How do I get more than 20 days paid experience?”

Each project lasts for 20 days however this programme allows you the opportunity to complete more than one 20 day project for different businesses, giving you even more valuable experience.

 “What else do I need to know?”

This is a unique programme designed to get you involved in high impact, business driven projects. Every placement will give you key skills for your Lancaster Award application and fantastic case study material for CVs and application forms, as well as making you more confident and knowledgeable about the world of work.

“How do I join the programme?”

Email unite@lancaster.ac.uk  to be added to the mailing list for vacancies. All the placements are listed on TARGETConnect as well, and on our Facebook page.

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