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Counselling and Mental Health Service

The mission of the Counselling and Mental Health Service is to provide an accessible, focussed and high quality service, enabling students to increase their wellbeing and maximise their student experience.



What is counselling?

Counselling is part of Student Wellbeing Services.

You may wish to receive counselling for a number of reasons. Staff provide confidential and professional support on issues such as personal, family, social or academic matters.

student counselling

Student Counselling

If you are a student and wish to access counselling you need to complete the student online self-referral form.



Support for Staff

Supporting Staff to Support Students – see our new webpage to help you support your students

Staff Counselling

If you are a staff member and wish to access counselling or just get some advice and support then you can now access this via Right Management.  For more information please see the HR webpages.  As this information is for staff only you will need to log in using your usual username and password to view it.



Feedback and student experience

Read student feedback on on our service

Improvements to Service - find out about how our counselling review has resulted in improvements to our service



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