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Providing letters in support of mitigation

Counsellors and mental health advisors may provide students who have engaged with the service a letter for consideration as evidence of mitigation, if the issues disclosed by the student are likely to have affected their academic performance. Students can request letters directly from their counsellor or mental health advisor whilst participating in sessions; alternatively a letter can be requested in writing to, stating the intended recipient, their email address and department and the deadline for submission of evidence.

The counsellor/mental health advisor will discuss the content of the letter with the student, prior to preparing it, and at all times will endeavour to show the completed letter to the student and receive their agreement before sending it to the requested recipient.


If a student does not wish to commit to or engage in counselling, but feels events have impacted on their academic performance, it may be more appropriate for them to see Kate Deeming, the Student Wellbeing Advisor.  Kate will discuss their situation and determine if a supporting statement can be provided. Appointments with Kate can be made via the Base or by emailing











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