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Serious criminals make mules out of students


Don’t be a donkey! Avoid being exploited as a “money-mule”- A journey to court, a criminal record and paying back money you no longer have!


Living on a student grant can be tough, so the chance of earning some extra cash is always welcome.


If someone called you a ‘mule’, you’d probably be a little insulted.  Well unfortunately, that’s exactly how criminals see university students – using them as ‘money mules’ to shift large amounts of cash. It’s simple exploitation. Criminals will advertise for students and offer money to act as ‘financial managers’ or ‘shipping managers’ in return for using their bank accounts to transfer money overseas.


In reality, the student acts as a ‘money launderer’ for serious criminals. Money laundering is a serious crime and the reality is that the ‘mule’, which could be you, ends up losing thousands of pounds. You may also find yourself in court charged with money laundering and worse still, acquire a criminal record.


If in doubt, follow the golden rule: If it looks too good to be true…it probably is!


Read More > Don't be a Donkey!...Be Alert (.pdf)


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