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For Postgraduates:

Postgraduate Withdrawal Guidance

If you feel uncertain about carrying on at Lancaster, it is important that you talk it through with your Supervisor, Programme Tutor, Departmental Academic Adviser or someone in the Student Registry. It may be, for example, that you need time to adjust to a new and unfamiliar lifestyle.

Should you decide to leave, it is essential that you do not just walk out. Discuss your plans with your department and inform the Student Registry of your plans to withdraw (contact details below).

In the event of withdrawal from the University details of the University's policy on tuition fee refunds can be found here.


How to withdraw


Notify Student Registry (email: ) in writing (letter or email) of your decision to withdraw.

•  Ensure that you receive confirmation from the Student Registry that your withdrawal has been processed. This is usually issued within a week.

•  If you have campus accommodation, inform your College Residence Officer that you have submitted a withdrawal statement to Student Registry and that you wish to be released from your accommodation contract. You will be liable for 28 days rent after your formal withdrawal date.

•  If you have off-campus accommodation please contact the LUSU Housing Office Manager or your Landlord and inform them that you have withdrawn so arrangements can be agreed/discussed for early release from your contract and vacation of the room.

•  Pay any outstanding debts to the University. To do this please contact the Finance Office (telephone: 01524 592050, email:

•  Return all library books, University Card and any other property belonging to the university.

•  If you have children at the University Pre-School please advise the Pre-School of your withdrawal.


Tuition Fee Refunds


Self Funded Students


Withdrawal during Week 1 of Month 1:

Any new student who withdraws and has a recorded date of last attendance within Week 1 of Month 1 (usually the first week of October) will not be liable for any tuition fee for that academic session. This does not apply to continuing students who, if withdrawing in Week 1 of Month 1 will be charged for 1 month's attendance.


Withdrawal during the first 4 weeks of Month 1:

Any student who withdraws and has a recorded date of last attendance after Week 1, but up to and including Friday of Week 4, Month 1, will be charged for one month's tuition fee. New students will have the number of weeks attended calculated from the date of first registration.


Withdrawal after Week 4 of Month 1:

Students who are recorded as 'self funded' will be liable for the full academic session's tuition fee.



Students whose tuition fees are paid either wholely or partly by a sponsor


Sponsored students who have a date of last attendance after Week 4 of Month 1 will be charged the full academic session's tuition fee. If the student is sponsored, the sponsor will be liable for this fee or their share of it as per the original sponsor agreement. In the event that the sponsor refuses to pay, the student will become liable for the whole fee charged.


Please note sponsored students must provide the university with a copy of their sponsorship confirmation letter. If the university does not have proof of sponsorship, the student will be treated as 'self funded'.


Please note that the academic session typically runs from 1st October to 30th September for Postgraduate Students.





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