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Undergraduate Assessment Regulations

From October 2011 the university is implementing new undergraduate assessment regulations for all first and second year students (students entering their third and fourth years in October 2011 will continue under the existing regulations up to graduation). These changes have been introduced to simplify the existing regulations, ensure markers use the full range of available marks across all disciplines and deal with mitigating circumstances in a more transparent way.

The main changes are shown below.

  • The majority of assessed work will be marked using letter grades and these are what you will see on returned work. These grades will be converted to an aggregation score on a 24 point scale for the purposes of calculating your overall module results and your final degree class.
  • Assessed work which is quantitative (marked to a defined marking scheme and often largely numerical or multiple choice tests) may still be marked in percentages. Again, these marks will be converted to an aggregation score on a 24 point scale.
  • Departments will make clear the marking method to be used for each assessment, together with the relevant grade descriptors (marking criteria).
  • Degree classifications will be based on your overall aggregation score and there will be clear definitions for borderline scores and departmental criteria for considering borderline students.
  • To progress between years, any failed units must be resat.
  • Failed module marks may only be condoned above a minimum aggregation score indicating a reasonable attempt has been made. All failed marks must be condoned to qualify for a degree.
  • To qualify for an honours degree, students must attain an overall pass grade and no more than 30 credits condoned.
  • The penalty for work submitted late is a reduction of one full grade for up to three days late and zero thereafter.

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