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University Student Car Parking Policy 2014-15

Student Car Parking Policy and arrangements for applying for a permit 2014-15 will be displayed by mid-July on the Lancaster Facilities Web Page here


There are a number of changes taking place in 2014-15 see below:

  • All permit applications are to be handled by the Car Parking Office, Security.
  • The price of the annual permit will increase from £121 to £124 (student permit).
  • Student staff (off campus resident students working for the University or a campus tenant working for more than 8 hours a week in term time) will be able to choose between a Staff Permit and a Student Permit.
  • Free parking and free charging for any student drivers of a plug-in electric vehicle.


University Car Parking Policy 2013-14


Lancaster University has excellent bus services (up to 18 per hour) and good cycle routes. Most students find they do not need a car.


For transport information see:


Parking enforcement on campus for 2013/14 for the failure to clearly display a valid permit / pay and display sticker will commence on Monday 14th October 2013 (Week 2).


Student Car Parking Policy for 2013/14 - Amended to take effect from 13th January 2014


See Amended Policy here.


Student Eligibility on Welfare Grounds 2013/14


Students applying under Category 1 below still need to go through the Eligibility process. Categories 2, 3 and 4 are suspended until further notice. (See: amended Student Car Parking Policy for 2013/14)


The Eligibility Application Form on Welfare Grounds 2013-14 is available here, under each of the four categories listed below.
Please note this is the first step in a two part process for applying for a parking permit under categories 1-4


Continuing Students:*

You need to complete the Eligibility Application Form every year. If you already submitted the necessary evidence last year and it is still current and accurate for the category you are applying for this year, then we do not need you to resubmit the evidence again. If we find no record of this evidence or it is out of date we will email you to request you to submit as soon as possible.

New Students:


You will have to wait until you receive your Lancaster University Email address which will be sent to you sometime early in September, before you can submit the Eligibility Application Form.  In the mean time, you can start the process by collecting the evidence required for the category you are applying under. Once you’ve received your Lancaster University email address and have all the evidence required please send to the address below (also shown at the bottom of page one of the form.) Please don't send the evidence without the application form or vice versa.

All Students:

You will receive an email to confirm that your application and evidence has been received

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please check your University email account as an automated email will be sent to your Lancaster University email account at the end of September.  This email confirms if you are eligible and includes the link to the online car parking application system. Click into the link and follow the instructions carefully to apply (and pay if required) for the permit itself. This completes stage two in the process.

We will not process ANY application form, if all the required evidence for the category applied for has not been provided, with the exception of those continuing students see above*.


Applications under categories 1-4 below are processed by Student Wellbeing Services.

Applications under categories 5-8 are dealt with by the University Car Parking Office. (main reception building next to the chaplaincy centre)


A map of the parking zones can be viewed here


Students applying under category 1-4 should carefully read the guidelines and check if they fully meet the criteria they wish to apply under. Please ensure you have the necessary supporting evidence before submitting with your application form to the address below.

Student Welfare Car Parking Administrator
Student Wellbeing Services
c/o The Base A-Floor
University House
Lancaster University
Tel: 01524 592525


Please note:

  • Any supporting letters will need to provide proof that the stated criteria is satisfied.


Required Evidence

Permit Location

1. Blue Badge Holders and students with temporary reduced mobility or medical conditions that impact on their mobility.

*Click here for application form with evidence checklist

Permit is FREE.

2a. Campus residents where the illness or disability of an immediate family member (parent/legal guardian, spouse, brother or sister) necessitates frequent visits home.

(This is offered on compassionate grounds)

*Click here for application form with evidence checklist

Alexandra Park only

£121 p.a.

2b. Campus residents where the illness or disability of a dependent family member necessitates frequent visits home. The family member must be dependent on the student for support and the medical evidence will need to confirm this.

(This is offered on grounds on dependency)

*Click here for application form with evidence checklist

Alexandra Park only

£121 p.a.

2c. Campus residents who have lost an immediate family member (parent/legal guardian, spouse, brother or sister) in death within the last 6 months.

*Click here for application form with evidence checklist

Alexandra Park only

£121 p.a.

3. Any student with children aged 16 or under.

*Click here for application form with evidence checklist

Alexandra Park

£121 p.a.

(Staff Zone if resident on main campus - £160 p.a.)

4. Campus residents who are required to attend frequent (at least every 3 weeks) medical appointments or medical treatment in an area which cannot reasonably be reached by public transport.

*Click here for application form with evidence checklist

Alexandra Park only

£121. p.a.


* Category 1: Varying permit lengths for this type of permit will apply to reflect the sometimes ‘temporary’ nature of the mobility impediment. This temporary approach to permit eligibility should provide a fairer and more appropriate way to manage the need based on temporary mobility or sickness issues. This is to be addressed through the issuing of termly permits.

Complaints Procedure:

Any student wishing to make a complaint about the student car parking policy and/or make suggestions for further improvement can email the Facilities Division at All complaints / suggestions will be logged for future policy reviews.

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