Dom Clarke

Beginnings of a career

Having studied at Lancaster University for his undergraduate degree, Dom decided to continue his studies at our School of Computing and Communications due to the excellent environment and the support provided from the close relationship with lecturers and other staff. With aspirations of becoming a data scientist, Dom feels that the industrial experience and wealth of valuable skills provided by his MSc is laying the groundwork for his future career progression. 

The MSc Data Science programme has been designed with industry partners and guarantees each student the opportunity to undertake a paid internship.  Dom said: “I worked for 12 weeks at Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust, using the skills developed by my modules to predict admissions from A&E. This achieved results which were implemented within the organisation. I was exposed to a working environment, where I developed further technical skills and gained invaluable experience in industry”.

Dom has also found his optional module choices fascinating and highly useful, giving him a strong set of skills to be applied during his career. “My favourite topic so far has been Programming for Data Scientists. This provides exposure to multiple new programming languages, and successfully guides you through the process.  There is also huge flexibility between module choices, and the course teaches the skills allowing instant movement into industry. This degree provides a large stepping stone into becoming a Data Scientist.

“I’ve also found the small class sizes and friendly and helpful nature of staff at the School have made the experience enjoyable, interesting and valuable.”

Support and facilities

Dom has found the University’s array of state-of-the-art facilities indispensable during his time here, along with the level of excellent support that he and his fellow students in the School receive. “During my studies, I used the course-dedicated room for personal study with fast computers. I also found the library invaluable for finding books relevant to the subject,” he explains. “I am familiar and confident with the lecturers, campus and facilities, since I studied my undergraduate degree here. Whenever queries arise regarding my studies, I can contact many different people, from course representatives to tutors.”

Finally, the social aspect of studying at Lancaster is something that Dom feels should not be undervalued. “I love my time at Lancaster because of the diversity of new friends to be made,” he says.