Syed Jawaad

Syed Jawaad's move to Lancaster University renewed his passion and confidence in computing and opened up a wealth of experience and opportunities.

Welcoming atmoshpere

Syed is currently studying MSc Data Science. Having started a similar degree at another university, he became unsatisfied with the course structure there and decided to look for other options. After further research, he chose Lancaster and says that he was instantly made to feel welcome: “Debbie Costain set up short classes which helped a lot when I was panicking at the start of the course.”

Practical environment

Syed has since settled well at Lancaster and has found the module content interesting, especially in his favourite areas of statistics and computer science. He praises the industry talks and facilities, suggesting that “having individual group labs for data science comes in very handy whenever we are required to do group work.”

Looking ahead

As he plans for the future, Syed believes there are a number of ways in which his time in the School of Computing and Communications will prepare him for a career in data science; he is particularly impressed with the guest lecturers who frequently visit the School: “It is very helpful to learn how my course can be used within their companies as well of what kinds of technologies they are using.” Syed is also eager to apply the statistics and computer science techniques taught on the course to real-world problems and scenarios.

Here to help

Speaking from the experience of his early days when first settling in at Lancaster, Syed is keen to encourage new students to make the most of the extra support sessions that are available to them. “They have definitely made the right choice,” says Syed. “If a student struggles in the early days, the staff at Lancaster can be very helpful”.

Life at Lancaster

Syed’s reasons to love Lancaster include the “friendly staff and students”, as well as the “many different societies for different students according to their taste.” He concludes that “the newly refurbished library is so nice that I feel like going there to study every other day.”