Professional Experience

With a strong careers focus, our degrees offer a wealth of opportunities to enhance your employability. In addition, you will be given the opportunity to practise the skills that are highly relevant to your chosen career, through core teaching and optional modules.

Industry based projects

The Final Year Project is an extensive piece of individual work, normally involving the principled design, implementation and evaluation of a substantial piece of software, experimental study or theoretical work. We provide the opportunity to complete a piece of applied research with an external organisation during the final year of your undergraduate degree. This is organised using the extensive contacts secured through our Knowledge Business Centre (KBC), which has links with over 500 businesses. Undertaking one of these projects gives you a fantastic opportunity to develop solutions to a real problem, and the connections that you make with the business you work with may lead to further employment.

Industry guest lectures

Industrial guest lectures are an integrated part of our course delivery. We regularly invite speakers from industry to bring real-world examples to the classroom. Our students enjoy this mix of theoretical teaching alongside practical examples of how technologies are deployed and utilised within a variety of different industries.