Ignas Vaitekunas

Originally from Lithuania, Ignas first realised that he wanted to study in the UK when he was 10 years old.

“I came to love the humour, music and culture of the UK, which is what inspired me to study here,” he says. “Of all the universities I’d looked at, I was particularly impressed by Lancaster, especially the quality of the programmes and the learning system at the School of Computing and Communications, and so here I am.”

Flexible working

Whilst studying at Lancaster, Ignas has used his knowledge and experience to gain employment with a world renowned company: IBM Lithuania. He was able to work for this company remotely online, at the same time as he was undertaking his degree. “The programming languages I’ve learnt here have been really useful to apply to real, everyday work,” he says. “This, combined with the flexibility offered by remote working, allowed me to gain employment immediately whilst benefitting from the facilities available at the Engineering Department. I was able to work for IBM Lithuania, and develop international friendships both at work and University, as many of my colleagues also work remotely from Denmark!”

Friends and facilities

Since his arrival, Ignas has been keen to explore and benefit from the range of social facilities along with the flexibility offered on campus. “I love the freedom,” he explains. “There’s so much here that helps with study and student life in general, such as the 24 hour computer classroom access, the social areas and the lockers, all of which have proved useful during my time here.”

In addition to a transferable set of skills and helpful study environment, Ignas has received invaluable and friendly support when needed, and has developed lifelong friendships and memories. “The people at Lancaster are great,” he says. “The lecturers are really down-to-earth and approachable, and the departments mix well together.”