Lynda Cooper

Excellent reputation

Having chosen to study Maths at Lancaster in 1973 before switching to Computer Science, Lynda Cooper chose Lancaster due to a recommendation from her boyfriend, as well as the wide selection of degree programmes on offer. “My boyfriend (now husband) went there a year before me!” she says. “The University offered a good choice of courses.”

Brilliant career prospects

Now working as a self-employed IT Consultant at Service2000, Lynda believes that her time spent at Lancaster has been invaluable to her current career. “I am now self-employed as an IT Consultant/Trainer,” she says. “I also chair a British Standards Committee, and am UK representative to International Standards for IT service management. I have co-authored 2 international standards. Lancaster was the starting point for this work.”

Help and support

Lynda received a great deal of support from academic staff when she needed it, and considers it to have been an invaluable aspect of her studies at Lancaster. “I received a lot of support from tutors, who kept me on track and on time with my work - especially the practical work in the final year,” she says.

Flexible degree schemes

Now having undertaken a very successful career in IT, the flexibility of Lancaster’s degree schemes allowed Lynda to change her original degree scheme of Maths to a Computer Science course when she discovered where her interests lay. “I went to Lancaster to study Maths,” she explains. “As with all courses, I studied three subjects in my first year - Maths, Education and Psychology, as I wanted to be a teacher. I discovered that I did not want to pursue Maths further, and opted to change to Computer Science, which was very new in 1974. I have gone on to a very successful career in IT (not as a teacher), and Lancaster was my starting point for that.”

Lancaster’s appeal

When asked why she thinks that prospective students should choose Lancaster, Lynda answered that the campus location and the flexibility of the degree schemes were major factors. “Campus is set in a great location, and is a great place to be,” she says. “The chance to study three subjects during the first year, to make sure that you are doing the course you want is a real bonus. Computer Science was a good course.”