Tim Pullan

An innovative university

Now working as an IT manager at Billerud Beetham, Tim Pullan chose to study at Lancaster University due to its modern, forward-thinking attitude. As a fairly new University, Tim was also impressed with the amount that Lancaster had achieved during its short lifetime. “At the time, 1984, it felt right. It wasn't stuffy or trading on its history - it was still fairly new and clearly forging ahead.”

Support and flexibility

Tim was impressed by the level of support available to students during his time at Lancaster, and despite not needing any of this support himself, was grateful that it was present as a safety net. “I didn't need much support, but did know where to find it if it had been needed,” he says. Tim was also grateful for the opportunity to study other subjects along with his Computer Science major, leading him to study History as a minor – a subject he found fascinating. “Strangely, I enjoyed my minor subject, History of Science, most,” he explains. “However, I haven't used it much in my career as I did follow my major in computing, and have worked in IT.”

Employability and facilities

Now working in IT management, Tim feels that the skills that he gained at Lancaster have been invaluable to his current career. “My main duties are looking after a local manufacturing plant’s IT development within a much larger Swedish group,” he says. “Studying at Lancaster opened doors in my career at the start.  But as IT moves so quickly you can't rest on what you knew yesterday - it taught me how to be resilient and self-study.”

Advice for prospective students

Tim found his time at Lancaster to be a highly positive and enjoyable experience, and recommends the University to prospective undergraduates. “I don't know what I could tell them about the course at the Uni now, as I graduated in 1987 and the computing landscape has changed beyond measure since then,” he says. “However, studying at Lancaster is a fabulous experience.  Its location in a beautiful part of the world, its consistent top 10 rankings, and its collegiate system all show what a great place it is to study. Studying there set me up for the rest of my life, as I still live in Lancaster!”