Daniel Abreu

Welcome to Lancaster

Having studied in Sweden, Belgium, Canada, Portugal and Brazil before undertaking his degree, Daniel Abreu was attracted to Lancaster due to its enviable academic reputation and location, and decided to study a BSc in IT for Creative Industries here. When attending a Visit Day, he was instantly impressed by the warm welcome that he received, and the friendly atmosphere of the University and Department. “Academic reputation and excellent teaching standards aside, I believe I was most drawn by the overall sense of community that can be felt all over campus,” he says. “Additionally, there is a real sense of pride in Lancaster. From the moment I arrived I instantly felt a sense of belonging.”

A friendly department

Daniel was very impressed with the level of support available in SCC, and with his lecturers’ expertise and willingness to help. “The academics are all approachable, friendly and extremely knowledgeable,” he says. “This combination creates highly dynamic classes where students can expect to interact directly with their lecturers.” Daniel is also very grateful for the support that he and his fellow students receive from the academic tutors assigned to them in SCC. “Each student studying in the Department is assigned an academic tutor,” he says. “This is an academic who you can go to for advice, recommended reading, career guidance, to ask questions or get help with coursework. This is an invaluable resource; use it!”

A wealth of activities

One of Daniel’s favourite aspects of studying in Lancaster is the plethora of extra-curricular activities on offer. “There are always opportunities for students to get involved with, and it feels like there’s never enough time to do all of them!” he says. “That being said, however, it’s a testament to the institution’s diversity, and its ability to provide for all of its students.”

Daniel is involved in several extra-curricular activities himself, related both to his course and his hobbies, and feels that he is making the most of his time at University. “Right now I’m involved in a couple of projects,” he says. “These include the Academic Rep programme, which is an opportunity for students to represent their peers at departmental meetings and faculty forums, and the University Technology Challenge 2015, a business and technology driven product development competition sponsored by Barclays, the BBC and Bank of America. In addition to these, I host my own show every Sunday on Bailrigg FM, our resident radio station. I’ve also been taking BSL classes, and I’m running for a position on my college’s JCR.”

Plans for the future

Daniel is looking forward to completing his degree, and plans to take advantage of SCC’s extensive Study Abroad opportunities before he leaves. “The Department offers many opportunities for its students to go abroad for a semester, which is something I really want to do,” he says. “I’m currently discussing my options with my study abroad advisors to potentially spend a term either in Australia, France or USA.”