Georgios Tsianakas

Currently studying a BSc in Computer Science, Georgios was initially attracted to Lancaster University due to its prestigious reputation and beautiful campus. “I chose Lancaster because I liked that it is one big campus, as well as the fact that it is in a small but active city, and the fact that it ranks highly in the university league tables,” he says.

Support and facilities

Georgios is grateful for the level of support available for students in the School of Computing and Communications. “I can easily get help with my studies either by talking about a problem with my fellow students, getting help from teaching assistants or contacting lecturers directly,” he says. “The lecturers are very approachable, and create a friendly environment.”

Georgios has also made extensive use of the available facilities, and feels that they have been invaluable to his degree so far. “For the majority of my work I have been using the Computer Science labs,” he elaborates. “They are really helpful because they can be accessed 24/7, and are accessible only to people doing the same degree. This creates an environment in which ideas and knowledge can be exchanged for the improvement of all involved.”

Engaging topics

Georgios is thoroughly enjoying his Computer Science degree, and finds his modules to be both fascinating and highly relevant to his future career plans. “The good thing about studying computer science at Lancaster is that it teaches a broad range of subjects, all of which are very important and interesting,” he says. “My favourite subjects so far have been Advanced Programming and Operating Systems, because they taught me a lot of interesting concepts and made me better at programming, which is something I really enjoy. I believe everything I have learned will be incredibly valuable for my career, because not only have I received information relevant to my course, I have been taught how to achieve my goals in today's competitive world, as well as how to undertake big tasks and improve my skills on my own.”

Advice for students

Georgios feels that he is making the most of his time at Lancaster, and has advice for prospective students considering studying computer science here. “I would tell them to try and gain as many experiences as they can, whether related or unrelated to their course, as Lancaster University provides numerous opportunities,” he says. “But, they should do this without forgetting that their degree should be their first priority - if it's something they enjoy or find interesting then this should be no problem.

“I have met a lot of great people and made great friends, gained experiences that I didn't think I would ever have the opportunity to do, I study something that I love and I feel prepared to achieve my goals!”