Monica Plotkin

Recognising achievement

One of the best performing women in her year, Monica Plotkin has been awarded the prestigious Ede & Ravenscroft Women into Science Award for her outstanding academic performance. This £1000 prize rewards female students for their outstanding academic achievement in science subjects in which they have been traditionally underrepresented. The prizes are awarded by Ede & Ravenscroft, who supply robes for Lancaster University students during graduation. 

Thrilled to receive the award, Monica is glad that her excellent academic achievement throughout her first year at university has been recognised. “I am incredibly grateful to win the Ede & Ravenscroft prize money,” she tells us. “I found this year challenging, and to see that this has been recognised and rewarded has made me and my family very proud!”

A stimulating degree

Monica feels that Lancaster provides an outstanding environment to study computer science, and enjoys overcoming the diverse and highly interesting challenges within her degree. “I was attracted to study at Lancaster as it appeared to offer a good degree scheme for people who had not had the opportunity to study computer science before,” she says. “The best thing about the degree programme is that you learn from everything you do. Even if you make mistakes, or decide to experiment further than what was initially assigned, this is encouraged as this way you learn for yourself and not just with the teaching materials.”

Monica particularly enjoys working with programming languages, finding this to be her favourite aspect of her degree so far. “I personally enjoyed working with MIPS assembly language,” she says. “I found it challenging but very rewarding.”

Extensive career options

Monica feels that the skills and knowledge that she is gaining within her degree will be invaluable to her career. Having just completed her first year, she feels that her computer science degree will benefit her across a wealth of industries. “My career aspirations change all the time and I think that is good,” she says. “With computer science I think I can go into many different sectors, as computers are pretty much everywhere now. Having the knowledge of how they work would certainly prove to be valuable in any career.”