Rachael Oldfield

Having been interested in computing from an early age, Rachael Oldfield was glad to have found a course at Lancaster University that allowed her both to pursue this interest and explore her creative side.

Creative computing

“I chose to study IT For Creative Industries due to the heavily creative nature of the course,” Rachael explains. “I have been interested in computers from a very young age, but found at college that I enjoy the creative side of computing. I also chose this course because the core aspects of computer science are still available. Web design and graphics are something I want to do in the future, whether it be for work or pleasure, and doing IT for Creative Industries has definitely given me a lot of the skills and knowledge that I need to do this.”Engaging Projects

Rachael has particularly enjoyed one module during her degree that allowed her to gain technical knowledge in a creative manner. “I have most enjoyed the IT for Creative Industries Challenge Group Project,” she elaborates. “This project was to create an interactive piece of technology by coding an Arduino board. We implemented sensors to the Arduino and coded it to react to user input.”

Rachael enjoyed the creative element of this project, which allowed her to explore the more imaginative side of computing. “I really enjoyed this because not only did we get to see visual outputs of our code, it was also heavily design based,” she explains. “We created a large design report which included prototyping and requirements, and this allowed us to get imaginative and creative with our work.”

Excellent support

Rachael is grateful for the level of support available to her and her fellow students at the School, both in regards to the dedication of academic staff and the systems in place to aid her learning. “I like the fact that all lecture and workshop content is available on Moodle for us to look over, and this comes in very handy for revision,” she says. “Some of the lectures are even recorded, which makes revision even better for auditory learners like myself.

“I also like the fact that staff are always helpful, and respond to emails in good time. They are always happy to hear any concerns, and have an office hour every week so we can go and speak with them individually.”

Friends and activities

Rachael has made many friends during her time studying at Lancaster, and took advantage of the extra-curricular activities on offer by becoming a course representative for the School. “I like being a student at the School of Computing and Communications because I've made some close like-minded friends from all over the world,” she says. “The course allows us to learn from each other and encourages team work.

“The School also offers the opportunity for students to become a course representative on Open Days, which allows us to show prospective students what life at Lancaster is like. There was also a good wage and free food!”