William Jardine

Lancaster’s appeal

After studying A Levels in Computing, Maths and English at Trinity Sixth Form in Carlisle, William Jardine decided to study computer science at degree level at Lancaster University. He was attracted to Lancaster for a number of reasons, including the reputation of the School of Computing and Communications, as well as the content of the Computer Science BSc and the University’s friendly campus environment. “It’s a great university in a lovely city, the campus setting of the university is ideal and it has a strong Computer Science department with a great focus on the technical, practical side of things rather than the overly theoretical approach a lot of other universities take,” he says.

An enriching course

William has found the content of his course itself to be his favourite aspect of studying at Lancaster, with practical lab sessions and his third year modules proving to be particular highlights. “The amount and breadth of practical tasks I’ve been able to undertake in the labs, and the in-depth knowledge all of the lecturers possess has made the whole degree scheme very rewarding,” he says. “The third year has been particularly fantastic so far, with lots of very well-constructed and enriching modules (specifically Advanced Networking and Distributed Systems), and some great guest lecturers. The Final Year Project, too, is very well managed, and the resources, both in terms of technology and people that the department has to offer in this regard are top-notch. Lancaster is a great University, with an excellent Computer Science scheme that’s getting better all the time.”

William also found SCC’s annual careers fairs to be an invaluable aspect of his time at Lancaster, and anticipates that the opportunities that he has received through these events will prove useful for his future career. “The annual SCC careers fair has been a particular highlight,” he says. “It demonstrates the department’s great industry links, and helped me get a place on a fantastic internship.”

A range of activities

During his time at Lancaster, William has taken full advantage of the range of extra-curricular activities on offer, taking part in a plethora of activities relating to his course. “I’ve participated in a lot of education-based extra-curricular activities,” he says. “I participated in and won the first Lancaster University Computer Science undergraduate Hackathon, coming up with a cool gadget to get kids interested in Computing from an early age. I also volunteer every week at a local primary school with the Code Club programme, teaching Key Stage 2 students the basics of programming. I also helped to organise a competition for all of the participating Code Club schools, alongside fellow students and University staff, which was a great success! Finally, I am a GCSE Computing tutor, and have been the course rep for my year for the past two years.”

Plans for the future

Currently in his third year of study, William has a clear plan for his future career after he graduates. “I will be graduating in June, and have been applying and interviewing for several cool Networking and Cyber Security jobs recently,” he says. “I’m currently undertaking my Final Year Project around creating an Intrusion Detection System for Industrial Control System environments. It’s a bit of a mouthful!”