Teaching Development Grants

Grants will be awarded to support activities that enhance teaching in the Faculty at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Projects aimed at assessment and feedback are particularly welcome.

The funds can be used for individual or group activity but priority will be given to projects which lead to some measurable output, such as a pedagogical paper or an element of a module or programme. The grant may be used to cover the costs of attending teaching conferences, especially those at which the outputs are presented.  Please note that funds cannot be used to cover staff or student time.

Applications should give a clear statement of the academic purpose of the project, the intended outputs, and a breakdown of the proposed expenditure. Grant holders should seek approval from their Head of Department.

The maximum value of any one grant will be limited to £2500, and grants must be spent by 31st July 2018. Grant holders will be required to submit a summary report of approximately 500 words on the achievements and outcomes within four weeks of the end of the project.

Please submit your application to Ellie Appleton no later than 5pm on October 6th, 2017.


If you would like to receive advice on your application, please contact:

Dr Alan Collins
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Teaching
Dr Chris Edwards
Associate Dean for Postgraduate Studies