Professor Andrey Lazarev

Professor of Pure Mathematics

Research Overview

My current research interests lie at the junction between different areas of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Physics: Algebraic Topology, Homological Algebra and Deformation Theory, Noncommutative Geometry and Conformal Field Theory.

The projects I am presently working on aim to apply ideas and methods of quantum field theory (Feynman path integrals) to classical problems of algebra and geometry, such as the study of moduli spaces. I am also interested in algebraic topology, rational homotopy theory and deformation theory.

Derived localisation of algebras and modules
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Journal article

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Disconnected rational homotopy theory
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Models for classifying spaces and derived deformation theory
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Maurer–Cartan moduli and models for function spaces
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Formal geometry and combinatorics of the Maurer-Cartan equation
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Homotopy BV algebras in Poisson geometry
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L -infinity maps and twistings
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