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What's this?

This is the new fortnightly bulletin for Science and Technology staff - designed to keep faculty members up to date with the latest developments.

The bulletin needs your news: if you're planning an event, have new staff, have received an award or if you've published some interesting results please send details to us at

Faculty updates

Christmas Conference

The faculty is planning a one-day 'Christmas Conference' for December 19. The conference is aimed at encouraging Science and Technology staff to explore the range of research taking place across the faculty.

Each department will have the opportunity to showcase their most innovative research, perhaps giving an indication of future research plans in different areas.

It is hoped that the conference will lead to interdisciplinary collaboration and to help identify potential for partnerships between departments.

Stand by for more details soon...

Deans Group

The Deans Group meets regularly to help the Dean with with the strategic management of the faculty. The group consists of the Dean, Associate Deans and Senior Faculty Administrator, and can make recommendations to the Policy and Resources Committee.

Minutes and details of various faculty committees can be found here:

Engineering Safety Conference

The Engineering department will host a conference on safety management next year.

ESSEM 2006 will bring together experts in this burgeoning field to share recent research experience, develop new ideas and build recognition for the safety engineering community.

The industrial focus of the conference combines the complementary sectors of Aerospace, Nuclear and Rail.

Find more details here:

New Staff

The faculty office has recently welcomed Katherine Gill and Lucy Thorne to its staff. Lucy, who previously worked at the Learning and Skills Development Agency, joins the faculty as Senior Faculty Administrator. Katherine, the faculty's new Research and Finance Officer, comes to us from Cardinal Newman College in Preston.

Farewell To...

Steve Webley is leaving his job as Science and Technology Partnership Officer after a busy year. Steve has worked on various projects to raise the profile of Lancaster University's Science and Technology departments with local schools, including this summer's successful Science Taster Day.

Interviews for a new Science and Technology Partnership Officer are scheduled to take place next week.

Pictures from the Science Taster Day:

In the news...

Some Science and Technology stories from the past two months:

Soils Reveal Global Warming Paradox

LEC research shows that as CO2 levels rise, the potential of forest soils to absorb atmospheric CO2 - and thereby slow down global warming - may be much less than previously thought...

Renewable Energy Conference

Engineering's Energy Through the Looking Glass conference turned the clocks forward to 2020 to look at the future impact of energy on our lifestyles...

Lancaster University Top for Research

Lancaster University has been ranked among the top 'research star' universities in the country...

Chemical Research Centre Appoints Director

Professor Kevin Jones has become director of LEC's new Interdisciplinary Centre for Sustainable Chemical Management...

Changing English

Researchers are set to examine four generations of written English to find out how our language is evolving...

Better Clinical Decisions for Less Effort

InfoLab21 and a software company have joined forces to improve clinical decision-making for patients suffering from thrombosis and strokes...

Climate Change Honour for Young Scientist

A Lancaster University Geographer has been invited to attend a prestigious Climate Change workshop in Sweden...

Fast track PhD for BT Call Centre Expert

A call centre expert from BT has gained a fast-track PhD through a Computing Department scheme run specifically for industrial researchers...

Rivers and the British Landscape

Six Lancaster University Geographers have written an innovative book about the way in which rivers have made their mark on the British landscape...

In Business with InfoLab21

A Lancashire business has teamed up with Lancaster University's InfoLab21 to develop innovative new software and expand their business...

Geography Students Tackle Coastal Erosion

Students from Geography are working with Wyre Borough Council to investigate coastal erosion...

LEC Appoints University's First Enterprise Fellow

Dr Ben Herbert joins the Centre for Sustainable Chemicals Management as the first ever 'Enterprise Fellow' within the University...