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Careers Specialist for Contract Researchers

CEEC's Elaine Davies has joined the Staff Development Team as Development Advisor for Contract Research staff. As well as helping to develop university policy and good practice relating to Contract Research staff, Elaine will be seconded for two days a week to provide career management training and guidance to research staff on fixed term contracts. Science and Technology departments have the largest number of CRs, so Elaine is likely to spend a great deal of her time working with staff in this faculty. This term she will meet key faculty staff and CR representatives from each of the departments to discuss issues related to her new role.

Elaine is already well known to research staff through her popular lunch time career development workshops and these workshops will continue to be offered each term. The dates for this term are:

To book a place on any of these workshops contact Linda Smith in Staff Development on 92137. Elaine's new CR website has careers information, sources of careers development support and job vacancy links.

Funding Roundup

Funding awarded in January 2006:

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