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Funding Opportunities

New Dynamics of Ageing Research Programme

The New Dynamics of Ageing (NDA) is a seven year multidisciplinary research programme concerned with improving the quality of life of older people. The ESRC, EPSRC, BBSRC, MRC and AHRC are inviting proposals within the programme.

The programme aims to develop practical policy and implementation guidance as well as novel scientific, technological and design responses to help older people enjoy better quality lives. The Programme will harness inputs from a wide range of disciplines to reveal the dynamic interplay between ageing individuals and their changing technological, cultural, social and physical environments - local, national and global - and to develop methods and means for overcoming the consequent constraints on the quality of life of older people.

It is expected that researchers from the full range of disciplines covered by the five Research Councils will come together to investigate the research questions posed by the programme.

NDA second call for applications

Funding Roundup

Who's splashing the cash - selected awards for May 2006:

High power photonic band gap RF

Dr Rebecca Seviour - Engineering, EPSRC, 818,000

Particle accelerators give scientists a unique tool for probing the ultra small scale around us, everything from the origins of the universe to the structure of the human genome. Such machines are not just the domain of the research scientist - they are also used in a number of applications from diagnostic and therapeutic medicine to the production of plastics with memory and the sterilisation of the food we eat.

The availability and use of these facilities is generally limited by their size and cost. A possible solution could lie in the use of Photonic Band Gap (PBG) structures and exotic materials. This project aims to combine experimental and theoretical studies with computer simulations to examine particle acceleration and high power RF generation using PBG structures.

Technologies of leadership

Mark Rouncefield - Computing, Xerox Research Centre Europe, 34,331

This grant will fund specific elements of research in the area of Technologies of Leadership. The elements of interest here will comprise:

The pursuit of this project will accomplish two goals:

Dilations and higher rank operator algebras - with applications

Stephen Power - Mathematics and Statistics, EPSRC, 13,529

We aim to make progress in the following areas:

EPSRC Academic Fellowships

The Faculty has been awarded four EPSRC Academic Fellowships (500,000 in total) in the following areas:


Engineering to Collaborate MICE Demonstrator

Engineering's Dr Rebecca Seviour has joined an international collaboration to build a unique engineering technology demonstrator at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxfordshire - The International Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment (MICE).

MICE is a high energy physics experiment dedicated to finding an efficient method to focus a beam of muons. Such a beam could be used in the quest to unravel the characteristics of the mysterious neutrino particle, millions of which pass through us undetected every day.

MICE: International Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment
Wikipedia entry for MICE

Sci-Tech Taster Day

The 2006 Science and Technology Taster Day for year 12 students will take place on Tuesday 4 July. Eight science and technology departments are providing sessions for 160 pupils from northwest schools on topics ranging from volcanoes to human computer interaction. The day is intended to give students an insight into living and studying at university.

Last year's event

Annual Physics Round Campus Relay 2006

Congratulations to the Nick Smith Memorial Mixed Team from Maths and Statistics, the LEC Lasses and The Environmentals, all winning teams in the 2006 Physics Relay which was run earlier today:

2006 Physics Relay results

From LU News

Babies who blow bubbles find learning language easy

Research led by Psychology's Dr Katie Alcock reveals interesting links between non-language and language skills in infants

ES Student Wins New Bursary

ES masters Student Hannah Walker is the first recipient of the new Arnside/Silverdale AONB Landscape Trust Bursary

International Honour for Low Temperature Physicist

Professor George Pickett from Physics has been elected a foreign member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Understanding Anaesthesia

Physics' BRACCIA project has the potential to shed light on the mysteries of anaesthesia

Environment Centre forging business links

Businesses from across the UK have expressed an interest in working with The Lancaster Environment Centre following a networking event

Uplands Centre Conference

The International Centre for the Uplands annual conference, 'Sustainable Uplands: Future Scenarios for People, Environment and Landscape', took place from May 30 to June 1 in Kendal

Lancaster University supports NW Business Environment Awards

The winners of this year's LEC sponsored Northwest Business Environment Awards have beed announced

NuBlue are Lancashire's Big Chip

InfoLab21 based web design company has won the prestigious Big Chip Award for Lancashire