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Faculty Lecture Series

We are pleased to announce a Faculty of Science and Technology Lecture to be given by Professor Louise Heathwaite, Director of LEC's Centre for Sustainable Water Management:

Water - the New Oil?

"The most important thing in the world over the next 40 years isn't oil - it's freshwater and people will be paying vast amounts of money for it." (Melvyn Bragg, at the Lowther Show, 2005)

With climate change threatening harsher droughts and water scarcity facing nearly 60% of humanity, water is critical to any vision of sustainability. This applies equally to the UK and even to the northwest, where up to 3m rainfall may fall on the land surface each year. There is less water per head of population in the UK than any other country in the European Union, except Cyprus. Yet domestic water use is rising, and one third of all domestic water supplies disappear down the toilet, and another third is used for baths, showers and washing machines. What does this mean for the environment? What does this mean for the sustainable use of natural resources? Are our assets literally being flushed away?

The lecture will take place on Monday 26 March at 12.30pm in the Biology Lecture Theatre. Email Pauline Roberts to reserve your ticket.

Staff Prizes

Nominations are now open for Lancaster University Staff Prizes. Last year's winners included Environmental Science's Kevin Jones and Kirk Semple and Biological Sciences' Fiona Benson, David Allsop and Jenny Harding (Commercialisation), as well as Computing's Alessandro Garcia (Research).

Prizes are awarded in the following five areas:

Each prize is worth 1,000.

The closing date for nominations, which may be made for individuals or teams, is Friday 23 March 2007. Winners will be announced in May with the awards presented at a ceremony in June.

LU Staff Prizes

University Small Grants Scheme

Awards to Science and Technology researchers under Lancaster University's Small Grants Scheme have accounted for 42,420 out of a total available fund of 73,368. Congratulations to all who have had a project funded. Applications for the 2007-08 scheme are expected to open around October 2007.

The following Sci-Tech grants were successful:

Katie Alcock (Psychology), Kate Cain (Psychology), Paul Rayson (Computing), Andrew Hardie (Linguistics), Sebastian Hoffmann (Linguistics) - 9,719
A feasibility and pilot study on the exploitation of the Child Language Survey
Vasughi Sundramoorthy (Computing) - 4,000
To establish an interdisciplinary, cross-departmental research network at Lancaster University in the area of wireless sensor networks
Michael Denton (Communication Systems) - 7,981
High resolution studies of wave-particle interactions
Richard Haley (Physics) - 9,592
Nanoscience devices at ultralow temperatures
Jennifer Sheridan (Computing) - 9,224
Analysis of algorithms for real-time analysis of acceleration data
Stefan Vogt (Psychology) - 1,904
Brain mechanisms of representing multiple agents

For more information on all the applications and awards, please contact Katherine Gill, Research and Finance Officer

Faculty Grant News

Postgraduate Training Grants

Extra funding is now available to support faculty postgraduate students under the Postgraduate Research Student Training Grants scheme. This funding can be applied for to support postgraduate research students' attendance at conferences and seminars as well as other research related activity.

Faculty Research Grants

Unfortunately there is no more funding available to support Faculty research Grants in the current academic year.

Fourth Generation Light Source: 'Delivery of Industrial Solutions' Conference

Fourth Generation Light Source (4GLS) will provide the UK scientific and business community with a critical research capability to enable it to look at dynamic processes in a level of detail that is currently unsurpassed in the world.

A one day interactive conference will be held on Thursday May 10th at the Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus, with the aim of understanding the progress made with 4GLS technology and to explore the significant industrial applications that could be exploited with it.

The event will bring together senior representatives from key businesses and research organisations to provide their thoughts and ideas on how this cutting edge research capability can be used to shape future R&D programmes, and meet the needs of 21st Century business.

Info and registration for the 4GLS Event

From LU News:

Sir Liam Donaldson launches new Medical Facility

The 'nation's doctor', Sir Liam Donaldson, has launched the new 1.6m Clinical Anatomy Learning Centre at Lancaster University.

UK Space Research Goes Online

Members of the public will get the chance to question the world's leading space scientists with the launch this month of an interactive website.

Director appointed to Lancaster's flagship national statistics centre

A director has been appointed to lead the new National Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning for Postgraduate Statistics at Lancaster University.

Computer 'glue' unlocks next-generation technology

Computing Department researchers are working on new technology which will help give computers a powerful new presence in our lives.

Praise for the Graduate Academy from its first intake

The first graduates to join InfoLab21's Graduate Academy (IGA) have left after being presented with certificates at a ceremony at InfoLab21.

Lancaster scientist joins NASA mission to understand space storms

A Communication Systems scientist is to play a key role in a NASA mission which sees five satellites launched this month from Cape Canaveral in Florida.