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Crucible 2007: Looking at the Bigger Picture

The National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts' (NESTA) Crucible event will take place during three weekends over the course of 2007. The interdisciplinary event is designed to help researchers put their work into a wider context, providing the chance to mix with peers from a wide variety of science and social science backgrounds, as well as politicians, artists, scientists and communicators.

This year they're looking for 30 early-career researchers in science, technology, engineering, medicine, maths, science policy and social sciences. Participants must have a high level of achievement and an ongoing commitment to a career in research (within academia or industry). NESTA are particularly interested in people who have an interest in science and society beyond their own research.

Applying to take part is simple - go to the NESTA website and fill in the online application form and attach a copy of your CV (including publications) before 30 April 2007.

Faculty Lecture: Water - The New Oil?

Interested in the impact of climate change on the sustainable use of natural resources? If so, don't forget to reserve your place for Louise Heathwaite's lecture on Monday 26 March in the Biology Lecture Theatre. With climate change threatening harsher droughts and water scarcity, Professor Heathwaite will look at questions surrounding the future use of the world's finite water supply. All are welcome to attend.

Science Communication Opportunities

BA Media Fellowships

Online applications are now open for British Association for the Advancement of Science Media Fellowships, intended to create a greater awareness and understanding of the workings of the media among practising scientists, social scientists and engineers.

The fellowships provide placements working with a national press, broadcast or internet journalist. During placements of between 3 and 8 weeks fellows learn to work within the conditions and constraints of the media to produce accurate and well informed pieces about developments in science.

BA Media Fellowships

Introduction to the News Media Event

The Science Media Centre is running its next Introduction to the News Media event for scientists on 8 May 2007 at the Wellcome Trust in London.

The Event, run specifically for scientists who have not had much media experience, is a beginner's guide to the way the news media works, intended to give scientists a flavour of the media to help them understand its demands and make it easier for them to work with journalists.

This session only deals with news journalism so will only be relevant to scientists who work on a 'hot' topic within science that is likely to hit the headlines.

More details (pdf)

Funding Opportunities

EPSRC has recently issued the following calls for proposals:

The Use of Probabilistic Climate Scenarios in Adaptation Decisions within the Buildings Sector

EPSRC, in collaboration with the UK Climate Impacts Programme, invites multidisciplinary research proposals in the area of adaptation to climate change.

ESPRC: Mathematical Sciences CASE Projects Call 2007

Next Generation Facility Users

This call, for which up to 4M will be made available, is to fund a balanced portfolio of research with an element of doctoral level training at centrally supported scientific facilities.

ESPRC: Next Generation Facility Users

News and Events

SensorNet 2007

SensorNet 2007, which will be held on Wednesday 30th May 2007 at Lancaster University's Conference Centre, is designed to be a meeting place for academics and companies interested in sensor network technologies and their commercial applications.

Leading experts from diverse backgrounds (cybernetics, environment sciences, biological sciences, computing, communications, etc) will give short talks on on-going research in wireless sensor networks, and areas of future opportunities. The one day workshop will enable academics and companies to showcase their work, exchange ideas and find partners for future collaboration.

SensorNet 2007 leaflet (pdf)
SensorNet 2007 poster (pdf)

Volunteers Needed For Tourism Centre Event

Staff volunteers are needed to act as an 'audience' for two practice group training sessions on Tuesday 27 March from 9.30am till 12.30pm, and 1.30pm till 4.30pm.

The Geography Department's Tourism Centre has developed a programme for traders in the regional tourism industry, aimed at helping them improve and develop their businesses.

The Staff Development Team has been working with the Tourism Centre staff to help their delivery of the programme and we are arranging some practice sessions for them. All the audience will be required to do is to act as participants and give feedback afterwards on the delivery.

If you would be willing to take part, or you know someone else who could, please contact the Staff Development Team's Joe Thornberry (ext. 92392).

From LU News:

Staff move into new wing of the Lancaster Environment Centre

the Department of Geography and LEC's Enterprise and Business Partnerships team have now moved into LEC III - the third phase of new build for the Lancaster Environment Centre.

International Audience for Mobile Games Expert

Communication Systems' Dr Paul Coulton has caught the attention of technology media after giving a talk at an international conference in America.