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Sci-Tech bulletin

Call for Applicants for Director of Microscopy

Applications are invited for the post of Director of Microscopy in the Faculty of Science and Technology. The major purpose of this role is to establish a centre in the area of micro- and nano-scale manipulation and measurement and to provide research leadership for this activity across the faculty. As well as a strong research record in a relevant area, applicants should have a vision for how microscopy could develop and be promoted within and outside of Lancaster University.

The deadline for applications is Monday 3 September 2007. Guidelines for the submission of nominations can be found in this memo, together with a job description for the post.

Faculty Personnel Changes

Welcome to Jane Taylor, who took over as the faculty's Associate Dean for Undergraduate Teaching last week, as well as Nigel Paul, Philip Barker and Gordon Blower, who became heads of their respective departments - Biological Sciences, Geography and Mathematics and Statistics.

Thanks go to the outgoing Associate Dean and Heads of Departments: Alan Thomson, Alan Shirras, Barbara Maher and Jonathan Tawn.

Dean's Absence

The Dean will be away from the university from the 27 August, returning on 10 September. If you have anything that is non-routine and requires authorisation, please ensure this is submitted to the faculty office by Monday 20 August at the latest. Routine requests will continue to be handled during this period of absence.


Have you remembered to put your recent publications and those currently accepted by journals into the library E-Prints archive? This will allow them to be accessed more easily in on-line searches and can (yes, there is data on this) increase your citation rate.

For an introduction and instructions on how to add to the e-print archive go to

Funding Roundup

Some recent grants awards for Science and Technology research:

Rapid Manufacturing North West

Dr Allan Rennie Engineering - 200, 547 European Regional Development Fund

Rapid Manufacturing (RM) is the name given to the production of components using Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM) processes, which takes 3D computer aided designs and directly 'prints' or 'grows' parts in a variety of polymeric, metallic, organic and ceramic materials.

Historically used to manufacture prototypes and casting patterns, new advances mean that ALM is now starting to be used for the manufacture of parts for a variety of production applications, including aerospace and automotive components, packaging, medical implants, hearing aid shells and surgical guides, as well as consumer products such as light shades, furniture and even football boots.

This project will focus on a number of areas in the context of RM, including suitability for implementation in small to medium sized enterprises (particularly in the supply chains of NW industry sectors, such as aerospace, biomedical, nuclear, and energy and environmental technologies), design functionality for bespoke part manufacture, and part consolidation and optimisation in the RM process.

Collaboration between Lancaster Product Development Unit (LPDU) and Econolyst Ltd will provide a sound platform for RM knowledge transfer, setting strategies for its future implementation on a grander scale in the NW Region. Such opportunities include the establishment of a NW RM-Grid, whereby RM supply and demand is matched electronically over a virtual trading system.

Sustainable Product Development

Mr Chris Lambert & Dr Allan Rennie Engineering - 167, 990 European Regional Development Fund

The tools and methods for assessing the environmental impacts of small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) have not been extensively investigated. The needs for SMEs engaged in product development, to become more aware of their impacts are increasing. The benefits of analysing and mitigating against these impacts can be significant, in terms of energy reduction, product and process optimisation, customer reputation and waste reduction.

This 12 month LPDU project, in collaboration with Sustainability North West, will aim to achieve this by working with SMEs to develop a form of carbon footprint tool, which will take account the priorities and challenges facing SMEs, particularly in the manufacturing and engineering sectors which are prevalent in the NW.


Director for New Environmental Informatics Centre

Professor Ian W. Marshall has joined LEC as director of the new multidisciplinary Centre for Environmental Informatics

Lancaster seals Pakistan partnership

Lancaster University and COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) in Pakistan have cemented their relationship with the signing of a memorandum of understanding attended by one of Pakistan's most senior politicians, the Federal Minister for Science and Technology Ch. Nouraiz Shakoor Khan

Honorary Degrees for Eminent Scientists

Three scientists were presented with honorary degrees during the July degree ceremonies

Faculty VIP Day

As part of the graduation day ceremonies on 19th July, the faculty hosted an event designed to showcase its work to regional schools, colleges and industry and offer an opportunity for guests to meet staff and students

Lancaster Environment Centre hosts Nuclear Decommissioning Conference

The environmental monitoring challenges and solutions posed by the nuclear decommissioning process were examined at Lancaster University's Environment Centre this week

Making Our Mark: Visual Imprints on the Prison Landscape

The Peter Scott Gallery will host an exhibition of photographs (7-19 September) about prison environments in the north of England, taken as part of a two-year AHRC-funded research project carried out by Anita Wilson (Literacy Research Centre) and Lenny Baer (Geography)