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Faculty Plenary

Don't forget to come along to the Faculty Plenary next Wednesday and hear about faculty developments from the Dean and Associate Deans. Frank Martin, the Director of Microscopy, will be talking about developments and opportunities in Microscopy and Biophotonics.

Also on the agenda is the draft ICT strategy and this will be the final chance for you to feed your comments into the faculty consultation process.

The plenary will take place on Wednesday 13 February at 4pm in Meeting Room 4 of the Conference Centre.

February 2008 Plenary Agenda
Minutes from November 2007 Plenary

Applications for Teaching Development Grants

Applications for Teaching Development Grants for 2007/08 are now being invited. These funds are designed to enhance the teaching reputation of the faculty at either an undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Teaching Grants are available to cover attendance at teaching conferences or to 'buy out' staff time to allow capacity for teaching developments. The deadline for applications is 31 March 2008. For more information go to

News and Events

Seminar: Syncytialisation and Mosaic Formation in the Maternofetal Interaction Zone

Thursday 14 February 2008, 12.30-1.30pm, Clinical Anatomy Learning Centre Lab 1

An unusual feature of the human placenta is a fusion of initially separate cells to form a common cytoplasm with an area of approximately 10 square meters by the time of birth. This interesting anatomy may have its roots in ancient viral infections. It is possible that viral genes have been incorporated into the morphogenetic programme for human development and this may offer a basis for the observations of an enigmatic organelle the nematosome. New evidence that examines the lining of the blood space created in the placenta shows that it is comprised of a mosaic with unusual immunological and embryological characteristics.

Full details are available at

From LU News:

375k European Commission Grant for 3-D circuit research

A Lancaster University academic has been awarded 374k by the European Commission to carry out research into 3-D Integration of electronic circuits

Business-University collaboration to develop clean-up technique

South Lakeland-based property developer Ashford Associates is working with Lancaster Environment Centre (LEC), at Lancaster University, on a new technique to clean up contaminated industrial land so that it can be redeveloped safely and quickly

Flood diary study launched

Lancaster University researchers have launched a study exploring the long-term effects of serious floods which hit East Yorkshire in June 2007

University Research Cameras Capture Stricken Vessel

Cameras installed as part of a Lancaster University research project have captured images of the stricken ferry Riverdance which was run aground just off Blackpool

Calling weather watchers in Cumbria

Researchers at Lancaster University are calling for information from weather watchers in Cumbria to help get a clearer picture of climate change in the County