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Faculty Plenary Postponed

The faculty plenary scheduled for Wednesday 7 May has been postponed. A new date will be announced shortly, at which results from the staff survey for FST will be presented.

Faculty Picture Competition

Faculty staff and students can now enter the SciTech picture competition online. There's a first prize of £100 in each of two categories:


This category is open to faculty researchers and postgraduate research students. We're looking for:

University Life

This category is open to all staff and students in the faculty. We're looking for:

For details of the competition and how to enter online go to

The deadline for entries is Friday 6 June.

Reminder: People Management for Principal Investigators

Spaces are still available for the first in a new series of development sessions for Principle Investigators in the faculty. Session 1 will be held on Thursday 29 May from 10-4pm in the Senior Common Room, Fylde and will look at issues concerning people management. It will cover the key principles of recruitment, managing fixed term contracts, and developing your research teams. The session will be interactive and will draw on case studies to highlight good practice.

This session is for any PI in the faculty who is new to managing researchers or any experienced PI who wishes to refresh their people management skills.

Please contact Lucy Thorne by Monday 19 May if you wish to attend.

Funding Roundup

Some recent grant awards for Science and Technology research:

Understanding walking and cycling

Colin Pooley – Geography – EPSRC -£657,149

This research focuses on household decision making for short journeys in urban areas with the aim of providing information to inform policies to increase walking and cycling.

It is widely recognised that an increase in walking and cycling for short journeys in urban areas could significantly reduce traffic congestion, improve the quality of the urban environment, promote improved personal health, and contribute to a reduction in carbon emissions. However in most towns and cities rates of walking and cycling remain stubbornly low.

A mixed quantitative and qualitative methodology will be used in four study areas to examine household and individual decision making about everyday travel, and the researchers will work closely with a range of stakeholders to develop new policies and avoid unintended consequences from existing schemes to promote sustainable travel in cities.

EU Framework 7 Grants

The following grants were funded under EU Framework 7 "ENV.2007. Development of technologies and tools for soil contamination assessment and site characterisation, towards sustainable remediation":

SoilCAM: Soil contamination – Advanced integrated characterization and monitoring

Max Meju – Env Science – European Commission - ££335k

The focus of the SoilCAM project is on the development of effective minimally-invasive monitoring of degradable components in soils and groundwater at two field sites characterised by different contamination types and geologic heterogeneity (Trecate, Italy; Oslo Airport, Norway).

The project will combine field monitoring, laboratory tests and process modelling to derive a working model for each site. Innovative integration of spatial and temporal geophysical and biogeochemical soil water sampling data and modeling will improve our understanding of these field sites and the attendant processes. This integration of techniques and tools will then be used to develop instruments for better decision making by the stakeholders.

ModelPROBE - Model driven Soil Probing, Site Assessment and Evaluation

Andy Binley & Kirk Semple – Env Science – European Commission - £312k

Building on recent developments in biosensors, near surface geophysics, chemical isotopic analysis, direct push probing technology and data integration techniques this project will develop and apply a set of new, relatively simple-to-use and minimally invasive methods for the assessment of contaminated soils in the framework of the European soil thematic strategy.

This set of methods will provide a toolbox for future application in the planned "Soil Framework directive" for the general purpose of contaminated site characterisation and monitoring of remediation processes. The new methods will be evaluated against conventional technologies at a range of fully characterised sites, including (Zeitz, Germany; Bitterfeld, Germany; Trecate, Italy; Møringa, Norway).

News and Events

Inaugural Doug Shepherd Memorial Lecture

The Computing Department are pleased to announce the Inaugural Doug Shepherd Memorial Lecture, which will take place on Tuesday 20 May at 4.00pm in The Management School Lecture Theatre 1.

The lecture will be given by one of the world's leading experimental computer scientists: Mahadev Satyanarayana, Professor of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University.

More details

From LU and Faculty News:

Ecology Student qualifies for World Triathlon

A Lancaster University Ecology student has qualified to compete in the Vancouver Triathlon World Championships