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SciTech Christmas Conference 2008

The 2008 faculty Christmas conference is on Tuesday 16 December and will take place in the Lancaster Leadership Centre this year. Save the date in your diary and more details will follow shortly!

SciTech Graduate School

Careers Advice

If you're a postgrad or postdoc and would like some careers advice then contact Sarah Blackford. Sarah is a qualified careers advisor who works for the Society for Experimental Biology. She would be happy to meet on a one-to-one basis to advise you.

Scientific Writing

If you're a research student or postdoc that would like some advice on Scientific Writing please contact Rebecca Whitehead, who is looking at running an informal drop-in session in the next few weeks.

Updated faculty forms

All of the forms available to download from the faculty website have been overhauled and updated. Please use these rather than any old versions that you might have saved locally.

Bulletin Break

The SciTech Bulletin is taking a break for the summer, and will return at the start of the new academic year.

News and Events

Research Seminar: Advances in Traceable Micro & Nanoscale Engineering Metrology

Tuesday 19th August 2008, 1100-1200
Seminar Room 2, Masters Training Suite

All are welcome to attend this Physics and Engineering Seminar to be delivered by Professor Richard Leach from The National Physical Laboratory.
More details...

From LU and Faculty News:

Boost to UK/Malaysian research to measure forests impact on climate change

Lancaster University is leading a 2.5 million scientific UK/Malaysian research project on the biosphere and its interactions with the atmosphere and the Earth's climate

Environmental Companies Flourish At LEC

Lancaster Environment Centre's business incubation facility has created and protected over 50 jobs since it was opened a year ago

InfoLab21 Features On BBC1

InfoLab21 has featured on BBC Northwest Tonight as part of a series on Science and Technology in the region

Firsts For Twin Graduates

Twin sisters who have both obtained first class degrees in science subjects have graduated together from Lancaster University