SciTech bulletin

Graduation Day reception

Wednesday 10 December sees this year's graduation ceremony for postgraduates in the faculty. A reception for staff, graduands and their guests will be held at 2.15pm in the LEC atrium before the ceremony. Please come and congratulate the graduands!

Christmas Conference 2008

Full details of talks for this year's SciTech Christmas Conference are now available.

The invited speaker for our 2008 conference is Peter Cotgreave, Director of Public Affairs for The Royal Society. Peter's talk, Why should scientists bother getting involved in public affairs?, will discuss the influence that scientists can have, collectively or individually, on policy-making.

The day will also include the Grad School poster competition, with posters from across the faculty on display.

All faculty members are welcome. More details of talks and times are on the faculty website.

SciTech Vision: Christmas prizes for innovation in teaching and learning

If you are using technology in a particularly innovative way in your teaching and learning, we would like to hear from you.

We are looking for colleagues who might be developing technology in their teaching or for those who are applying/adapting existing technology in particularly novel ways. We want to identify areas of innovation from across the faculty, promote it and learn from it. If you would like others to know about the work in your area, then please write a short article (no more than 300 words) outlining the following:

Articles will be judged by the Vision Project Steering Group and the winning ones will be included in the new faculty teaching and learning newsletter to be launched in early 2009.

Please send your statements to Jane Taylor, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Teaching.

The deadline for this call is Friday 12 December.

News and Events

From LU and Faculty News:

Entrepreneur Award for Environment Centre Company

The managing director of a company based at the Lancaster Environment Centre has been named as one of the Future 100 Young Entrepreneurs of the Year during Global Entrepreneurship Week 2008

Research Finds Children Exposed To Lead Pollution

Young children are still being exposed to lead pollution from vehicles according to research from Lancaster University

Lancaster University Helps New "Chernobyl" Town Go Online

Lancaster University is helping to provide internet connectivity for a town near Chernobyl in a UK Government funded 750,000 project to help regenerate the area which was devastated by the accident in April 1986

Animal Disease study launched

Lancaster University is leading a new study to help the authorities respond more effectively to outbreaks of animal disease