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Energy Lancaster

Energy Lancaster is a new research centre with the aim of engendering world class research in the area of energy by bringing together existing strengths in energy research at Lancaster and promoting interdisciplinary links across the university.

Initially based in the Faculty of Science and Technology but with a remit to reach out across the institution, the centre will be launched formally in September. Energy Lancaster's steering committee would like the centre launch event and the centre itself to be as inclusive as possible.

If you are currently researching in or have intentions to be researching in the area of energy, broadly construed, and would like to be part of the centre, please email with your name and a few words about your areas of interest. You will then be added to the Energy Lancaster's mailing list and kept informed of the centre's activities.

Watch Again: Andre Geim's Faculty Lecture

If you missed Professor Andre Geim, the discoverer of graphene, talking about his work on the material's fascinating electronic and optical properties you can now catch up online.

To watch Professor Geim's lecture, Graphene: Magic of Flat Carbon, go to

Centre for Biophotonics Launch

The Centre for Biophotonics will be launched with a one-day symposium taking place on Wednesday 7 July in TR1/TR2 Gordon Manley Building. This meeting is open to interested colleagues across FST and SHM. For catering purposes, it would be much appreciated if you were to contact Dr Frank Martin if you are going to attend. A full programme is available for download.

Seminars and Workshops

Forthcoming Science and Technology seminars, workshops and conferences:

Civil Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

Ben Keshales & Rob MacKenzie, IAI Engineering & LEC

Monday 28th June 2010, 1500-1600

Cross-theme seminar More details

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Human action control: Segregation and integration Physiology and Pathology

Professor Simon B Eickhoff, RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany

Tuesday 6th July 2010, 1600-1730
D18 Fylde College

Planning and executing movements in a context-dependent fashion is a fundamental aspect of everyday life. Disturbances of these functions, in turn, cause severe disability in patients with neuropsychiatric disorders. The major goal of our work is to investigate the structure and dynamics of human brain networks supporting basic motor control, implicit learning and contextual influences using functional imaging and connectivity analysis. More details

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London Mathematical Society Workshop: Rigidity of Frameworks and Applications

Monday 12th - Thursday 15th July 2010
Lancaster University

The theory of bar-joint frameworks and related constraint systems of geometric objects forms a broad mathematical subject which makes use of diverse techniques drawn from combinatorics and matroid theory, from commutative algebra and algebraic geometry and from analysis. More details

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Next Generation Child Protection for Mobile Social Networking

Isis Forensics, a Lancaster University spin out company based in InfoLab21, with the support of the Northwest Regional Development Agency (NWDA) and InfoLab21's Knowledge Business Centre, has launched a 54,000 Research and Development project to develop next generation child protection technologies that can be run on mobile phones. Read more

As part of this project, researchers at InfoLab21 are seeking parents of children aged 8-16 who use social networking sites to take part in a focus group mid July. The aim is to find out from parents their concerns about how their children use (mobile) social networking in order to help develop the next generation of online child protection solutions. For parents its a chance to share their views and concerns about this sensitive area with other parents and help shape the online child protection technology of the future. The focus groups will take place at InfoLab21 and refreshments will be provided. Visit to register your interest.

Pupils to experience world-leading Science and Technology at Lancaster

More than 180 students from schools across the region will be at Lancaster University on Thursday 1 July for a Science and Technology taster day. Read more

Water power secures future of historic watermill

Lancaster University Engineers have helped to devise and install a low head hydro turbine at the Heron Corn Mill, Beetham, Cumbria, providing enough electricity to supply the historic building and, more importantly, a surplus to sell to the neighbours. Read more

Scottish football fans more patriotic than English

Scots are more likely than the English to see supporting their national football team as a patriotic duty, according to a recently published study by Lancaster Psychologist Dr Jackie Abell. Read more

Scientists Dig Deep for Carbon Solution

New research is being carried out by scientists from the Lancaster Environment Centre (LEC) to work out how much carbon is being stored in UK grasslands and find out if they could potentially store even more. Read more

LEC carbon neutral PG Poster Days are a great success

Lancaster Environment Centre organised two carbon-neutral Poster Days in early June, one for Masters research students and one for PhD students. The posters were off-set by the planting of trees in the LEC picnic area. Read more

Emma Thompson Meets Lancaster Researchers

Emma Thompson has met researchers from Lancaster University who led a project about schoolchildren's experience of the Hull floods. The Oscar-winning actress was visiting the University of Hull where 46 children involved in the project were attending a writing event. Read more