SciTech bulletin 100

Call for applications for Associate Dean for Research

Applications are now invited for the post of Associate Dean for Research in the Faculty of Science and Technology to take over from Professor Colin Lambert in January 2011.

The major duties of this post are to provide leadership in research, and as a member of the Deans Group to contribute to the development and delivery of the faculty's strategy. It would be advantageous for applicants to have some management experience as well as enthusiasm for research and an acceptance of disciplinary variations in research activity.

Call for Non-Academic Representative on the Policy and Resources Committee

Nominations are invited for a non-academic staff representative to serve on the faculty Policy and Resources Committee. The representative will serve from the start of 2010/11 for a period of three years. Eligibility for nomination extends to all non-academic staff in the faculty who are in technical, clerical, secretarial and administrative roles. Nominations should be signed by a nominee and a seconder who must both themselves satisfy the criteria for eligibility. Nominations should include a brief statement declaring that the person nominated is willing to stand. Please submit all nominations to Lucy Thorne by Monday 9 August.

If the faculty receives more than one nomination, an election by secret ballot will be held to allow staff to decide who they would like to represent them. Should elections be necessary, they will be conducted and concluded by Friday 27 August.

Energy Lancaster Symposium on Nuclear Non-proliferation

Wednesday 14th July 2010, 1015-1500
Seminar Room 1, Masters Training Suite

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To mark the official opening of the Lloyd's Register Educational Trust Nuclear Engineering Laboratory in the Engineering Department, Energy Lancaster is hosting a one day symposium.

Confirmed external speakers include:

If you would like to attend, please contact Claire Duff by noon, Monday 12 July.

Energy Lancaster: Thermo-Photovoltaics for Reduced Carbon Emissions

Also on the 14th July in the conference centre, Professor Tony Krier of the Department of Physics will be hosting a TSB event on the development of thermo-photovoltaics – devices that can turn heat directly into electricity. If you would like to learn more about thermo-photovoltaics, please feel free to drop by the conference centre for lunch at 1 pm that day.

Proposed amendment to the faculty constitution

In order to enable the introduction of a fourth Associate Dean for Resources and Infrastructure, below is a proposal from the Policy and Resources Committee to amend the faculty constitution. The proposed changes to the constitution are highlighted below:

(b) The Deputy and Associate Deans

Four Associate Deans, for Research, for Undergraduate Teaching for Postgraduate studies, and for Resources and Infrastructure, shall be appointed by the following process.

Appointments group:

Candidates for Associate Dean

Unless any objections to this are raised by Friday 30 July to Lucy Thorne, these amendments will be made and reported to the next meeting of plenary.

Teaching development for postgraduates, researchers and others involved in teaching

CELT is now welcoming applications for 2010-2011 teaching development opportunities for postgraduates, researchers and others involved in teaching.

Survival Skills days continue to be highly popular and in response to feedback from departments and participants, the majority of these have been scheduled for the first five weeks of term:

A self-sign up web-based system for Survival Skills days is on the CELT website at:

The new Supporting Learning Programme (SLP), accredited by the Higher Education Academy, replaces the Associate Teacher Programme (ATP) for postgraduates, researchers and others involved in teaching and supporting student learning. It has been designed to be ‘lighter-touch’ than ATP in terms of attendance at core workshops, assessment tasks and activities. The required teaching contact hours for eligibility to enrol is a minimum of 10 hours during the course of the programme.

Places on the Supporting Learning Programme are limited and will be allocated on a pro-rata per department basis to applicants. Early application is recommended, find out more at:

Seminars and Workshops

Forthcoming Science and Technology seminars, workshops and conferences:

Water saving agriculture and food security in China

Professor Kang Shaozhong, China Agricultural University

Tuesday 13th July 2010, 1030-1230
LEC Training Rooms 1 & 2

Tea/coffee will be served from 10am. More details

Information Fusion: the Concepts, the Technology, the Community, and Modern Research Challenges

Dr. James Llinas, Research Professor, Executive Director, Center for Multisource Information Fusion, University at Buffalo, NY, USA

Monday 26th July 2010, 1100-1200
C60 InfoLab21

Information Fusion is a still-maturing area of research even after some 30 years of study and application. The processes and capabilities of Information Fusion have however proven to have wide and even extraordinary types of successful application, but crafting such processes and capabilities has been shown to require a multidisciplinary team, ranging from those expert in sensors and signal processing and communication to those expert in decision science and cognitive engineering. More details


LEC researchers show that early humans occupied Britain over 800,000 years ago

Lancaster University researchers have contributed key palaeomagnetic dating expertise to a project which has discovered that ancient humans occupied Britain over 800,000 years ago, marking the first known human settlement in northern Europe, far earlier than previously thought. Read more

'Twitter-like' technology could make cities safer

Instant feedback technology that allows the public to voice spontaneous opinions about their surroundings is being tested to help make cities safer. Read more

Carfree Cities conference for Energy Lancaster

With funding from Energy Lancaster Dr Griet Scheldeman and Dr Dave Horton, two social scientists from Lancaster Environment Centre, gave an innovative workshop on an EPSRC project called 'Understanding Walking and Cycling' at the international 'Towards Carfree Cities' conference held in the UK for the first time, in York, June 2010. Read more

Mobile phone game goes global

Mobile phone designers from Lancashire's two universities have worked together for the first time to create a game which is now being sold worldwide by the computer giant Apple. Read more