Business Services

As a top 10 UK University for engagement with small and medium enterprises (SMEs), we can help your organisation achieve its goals through sharing knowledge, resources and contacts.

Since 2005 we have assisted over 3000 business through funded projects and programmes.

We can help your organisation transform ideas into new products, processes and services, and create new solutions, new strategies, improving business performance and competiveness.

Whether you are seeking a research partner, expert advice, education & training, facilities, or to join us on campus in our award winning office space, Science and Technology at Lancaster University offers a unique set of expertise and services.

Join the many successful organisations, from SMEs to multinationals, to research institutes to public and third sector bodies, which collaborate with us.

Student Engagement

We provide organisations with a wide choice of ways to engage with students to benefit from their up-to-date skills and knowledge.

Professional Training to Business and Industry

We provide a portfolio of courses for industry and professionals both in the UK and abroad. By sharing our expertise we improve the competitiveness and productivity of individuals and organisations through better use of knowledge, technology and skills.

Collaborative Research

Science and Technology at Lancaster has an established track record of successful collaborative research partnerships with business and industry, from small businesses to large corporations, both in the UK and overseas.

We ensure our research demonstrates significant economic returns, societal impact and significant benefits to our partners.

Our latest funded project for businesses is the Impact Acceleration Account

Facilities for Research and Development

Our award winning facilities enable business to work alongside our cutting-edge researchers in a unique collaborative environment, developing and testing new products and processes for the global marketplace.

Commercialisation of Intellectual Property (IP)

We actively pursue collaborative partnerships to develop novel products and processes for the global marketplace.

We believe that the early development of outcomes from research is best achieved by universities who pursue the commercialisation of the intellectual property (IP) they create for the public good, and then transfer it as soon as appropriate to the commercial sector.

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