Attentive Homecare


The Organisation

Attentive Homecare Ltd is a family-run company based in Preston.  The company provides home care services to private and local authority clients.  Attentive Homecare staff visit the home to provide assistance to anyone requiring special attention in their own home due to age, illness or injury. The majority of this work is via contract with the local authority.

The Challenge

The company were keen to improve their data systems for a number of reasons. They lacked an effective way of monitoring its staff and, consequently, of efficiently allocating their time. They were using a third party telephone based system for staff to check in and out of clients homes.  This data was difficult to access and use for business intelligence and auditing purposes. The company wished to develop a bespoke system that allowed for greater flexibility in viewing and monitoring contact time between staff and clients.

Skills Sought

  • Database design
  • Software development

The Solution

The School of Computing and CommunicationsBusiness Partnerships & Enterprise team was able to provide support through the InfoLab21 Strategic Innovation Support programme, part financed by the European Regional Development Fund. They worked with the company to develop a prototype web-based system that can process the weekly house visit plan and corresponding electronically monitored visit records (uploaded from the third-party system via a MS Excel file). The system analyses the data in order to compare and display durations of planned and actual visits on an individual staff/client basis, as well as overall, and show the potential cost savings that accurate monitoring and billing would involve. 


The support was provided through the InfoLab21 Strategic Innovation Support Programme, part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund with a total value of £3194.


Providing a web interface accessible by clients and carers provided a level of transparency into how individuals funding was spent, ensuring value for money.  The new system can also be provided as a data service to other homecare companies once developed. 

Benefits to the company

  • Bespoke system developed to the company’s exact requirements
  • Potential for new software to be commercialised as a data service for other homecare companies, thus increasing revenue
  • Increased efficiency and transparency of services
  • Provided better value for money
  • Potential increase of 15% in GVA over 12 months
  • Potential safeguarding of one job and the creation of a further two

Benefits to the university

  • Experience developing bespoke IT systems for the healthcare sector


Benefits to Society

  • Improved efficiency of assistance to anyone requiring special attention in their own home due to age, illness or injury

Future Plans  

This system will be used to demonstrate the potential benefits of adopting such a system to principal clients and potential investors.