Software Engineering student develops new features and functionality of vital cloud computing software for DataCentred

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The Organisation

DataCentred is a fast-growing company based at MediaCity in Manchester with an ambition to build and operate the infrastructure that will drive the evolution of industrial computing.

The company provides regional, carrier-rich colocation services combined with next generation shared computer processing and storage solutions.  Services are designed to meet the data centre, connectivity and computing requirements of large UK corporates, broadcasters, academic institutions and public sector bodies.

The Challenge

The company needed help building its cloud computing infrastructure using software such as Openstack and Ceph, to develop new features and functionality in order to provide a better service for clients.

Skills Sought

  • Experience of using Linux, Open Source and programming software
  • Basic understanding of TCP/IP networking
  • Interest in distributed systems and scalability, computing hardware and subsystems, and developing systems and software around RESTful APIs
  • Awareness of modern software development process and methodologies

The Solution

Dominic Lindsay, 3rd year Software Engineering Student was recruited through the Science and Technology Internship Programme for a 12 week internship with DataCentred. Throughout the internship, he met with the staff team and agreed programme objectives and outcomes, developed and tested new features, releases and incoming upstream versions, and helped design innovative solutions to problems across company systems. Tasks included orchestration and management code written in Puppet (a software delivery package), proving the viability of designs for highly available OpenStack (cloud computing) components, building physical servers and networks, improving existing infrastructures and code, function and performance testing and helping customers work out how to migrate from their legacy infrastructures.

CostSantandar Universities Logo

The internship was part-financed by DataCentred at £1,800+VAT, and part-financed by Santander, with a total value of £3,600. ‌


Dominic's work allowed DataCentred to improve its client offer, resulting in a better service for clients.

Benefits to the company

  • Developed and operated the services customers rely upon
  • Developed the next generation of the computer science talent
  • Saved management time and money

Company Feedback

“We see an internship as an opportunity to contribute to developing the next generation of the computer science talent that our industry depends upon. However it is also a balance between providing challenging enough practical work to stretch the student’s thinking and provide real-world experience, whilst hopefully making a meaningful contribution to developing and operating the services our customers rely upon.

"Dominic’s excellent grounding at Lancaster University meant that we were certainly able to fulfil the second objective, and we hope that the time spent with us provided some useful perspective on how to leverage his degree and develop a career after graduation.” Anne-Marie Walker, Head of HR, DataCentred Ltd.

Student Feedback

“At Datacentred I was able to formalise my academic software design and development experience into industry facing skills whilst working on a project which would directly impact the Datacentred platform team’s ability to manage their cloud environment. This included working on/with several open source projects, including Openstack and Ceph.

"I was able to make my first commitment to an open source project, and stay on for an extra month after my intern was over. I still practice many of the skills I learned at Datacentred today, and my experience there has improved my ability to write, design, and take part in team based software development." Dominic Lindsay, 3rd year Software Engineering Student, DataCentred Intern.

Future Plans

DataCentred will continue their relationship with the University.