Planes Queuing for takeoff

The Organisation

Envisa are a French aviation and environmental consulting company based in Paris. They provide consultancy services to the aviation industry developing prototype tools in areas such as economics and sustainability, environmental impacts, global emissions, local air quality, meteorology and noise.


The Challenge

Envisa wanted to develop a new prototype for assessing airport emissions.

Skills Sought

  • Ability to formulate and carry out appropriate piece of research
  • Knowledge of interpreting and reporting on data
  • Report writing 

The Solution

James Hulme, studying Environmental Change and Sustainable Development at the Lancaster Environment Centre (LEC), carried out his undergraduate dissertation in collaboration with French company Envisa. Business development managers at LEC and Paris Region Enterprises introduced James to Envisa. The business development managers helped develop the initial scope of the project and supported James during his collaboration with Envisa.

James visited Envisa in Paris at the start of the placement to gain an understanding of the company and to define the project scope in more detail. James’ goal was to develop a new prototype for assessing airport emissions for the company.


This transnational student placement was supported through KARIM.  KARIM, the Knowledge Acceleration and Responsible Innovation Meta-network, is a project funded by the European Union. The aim of this project was to build a network for SME’s, University partners and other 'innovation actors' across NW Europe and by so doing to help boost the competitiveness of innovative SME’s in this region.


Through James’ placement he was able to develop a Multicriteria Decision Making Tool which provides an assessment of Airport Emissions.

James also compiled a report assessing key sources of emissions from airports and made suggestions and recommendations as to how they can reduce emissions to comply with the Airport Carbon Accreditation (AAC) scheme.

The company benefitted from a high quality report and development of a new tool for the company to use as part of their diagnostic package.


To the Company

  • Gained a high quality report on airport emissions and recommendations on reducing these
  • Gained a new tool for use in their diagnostic package

To the Student

  • Gained an insight into a commercial business
  • Networking with stakeholders
  • Development of skills in a business environment
  • A report which formed the basis of their undergraduate degree dissertation

Company Feedback

The first study we conducted during Karim was with the Lancaster Environment Centre, the environmental division of the Lancaster University. A student who worked for us studied the emissions at airports and the results of this study allowed us to greatly improve AeroGenie.”  Ayce Celikel, CEO of Envisa.