Hesus Consultancy

The Organisation

HESUS, based in France, is a consultancy company that deals with contaminated land, covering areas such as treatment processes, logistics management, compliance regulations, and monitoring and reporting.


The Challenge

HESUS were interested in developing new ranges of services around inert soil and were developing a web platform for such services for the French market. They wanted to find out the market potential for inert soils in the UK. 

Skills Sought

  • Market research
  • Market analysis

The Solution

Lancaster Environment Centre (LEC) student, Peter Bentley, studying Environmental Chemistry, was introduced to the CEO of HESUS by business development managers from LEC and Paris Region Enterprises. The business development managers helped develop the project and supported both the company and Peter, whilst he carried out his student placement.

As HESUS were interested in the market potential for inert soils in the UK, Peter explored the key drivers and actors in the construction and landfill sectors in the UK. He reported on and made a number of recommendations regarding the potential for HESUS to enter the market in the UK, and highlighted potential routes to invest in. 


This transnational student placement was supported through KARIM.  KARIM, the Knowledge Acceleration and Responsible Innovation Meta-network, is a project funded by the European Union. The aim of this project was to build a network for SME’s, University partners and other 'innovation actors' across NW Europe and by so doing to help boost the competitiveness of innovative SME’s in this region.


Peter’s report provided HESUS with valuable insight into the UK market, forming a basis for new market directs. 


To the Company

  • Better understanding of the UK market
  • Report which highlighted routes into new market

To the Student

  • Gained an insight into a commercial business
  • Networking with stakeholders
  • Development of skills in a business environment
  • Experience of report writing in a business setting