LanHai Career Management Ltd.


UK Partner: LanHai Career Management Ltd.

LanHai (Mandarin for Blue Ocean) Career Management (LHCML), based in Preston, is spearheading the development of high quality on-line career development and professional skills training resources for use in universities and businesses in China with its partner Abintegro.  This service is currently used by careers services, professional bodies and other organisations providing career management services in several countries.

Chinese Partner: Xuanyuan Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

Xuanyuan Industrial Development Co., Ltd. provide digital campus solutions, overall campus solutions, education cloud platform solutions, education cloud services to solve construction plans, training and training room cloud solutions.

The Challenge

This project involved trialling a suite of on-line psychometric tests, translated into Chinese in three universities in China, including Guangong University of Foreign Studies. The aim is to produce a Chinese version of Abintegros ‘white-labelled’ on-line career development and training platform by transforming their web based resources.  Working with Abintegro the company could leverage the connections and experience that LHCML have developed in China. Whilst this is a new market for Abintegro, they have experience of developing their systems and content in different languages and cultures, including Arabic.

Expertise Sought

  • Web/smartphone interface development for Chinese clients
  • Data mining and management
  • On-line learning environments
  • Translation/interpretation
  • Business development (sales/marketing/financial management)

The Solution

MSc International Innovation students worked with LanHai and their partner, Guangzhou Xuanyuan Network Technology Co., Ltd  in China to adapt the internationally renowned on-line e-learning system which provides career development learning tools and business skills resources mainly for universities but also for businesses. The system was adapted for use in 10 different countries including a version in Arabic for Saudi Arabia.  The students involved in this project researched the differences between the market for on-line career management resources in China and the UK – specifically how the market operates, how users pay for these services and how the market differs because of the scale of the country and the nature of the Chinese economy.

The project posed technical IT challenges because the plan was for the translated/ adapted resources to operate from UK based servers but link in with and function effectively with, for example, data mining and job vacancy information in China. It was vital that the design of the interface remained compatible with the core of the UK based system but operates effectively in the China market in a way that out performs the competition but also appears to be a genuinely Chinese service.  The user interface also needed to function effectively on laptops, tablets and smartphones.


Companies pay either £2,000, £5,000, £10,000 in staged payments over two years according to their level of commitment/nature of objectives in China, and go on either one, two, or three trips to China depending on what stages of the Lancaster China Catalyst Programme they wish to engage in. The £5.1 million Lancaster China Catalyst Programme was created by Lancaster University and is part-funded by the Higher Education Funding Council’s Catalyst Fund, the University and Lancashire County Council. Key partners in the project are the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Chinese Academy of SciencesUK Trade and InvestmentChina-Britain Business Council, and the Technology Strategy Board.


The company are anticipating a considerable increase in turnover after year one, partly because they are starting from a low base point, but also because of the high scalability of both projects. The project also resulted in Chinese versions of smartphone apps for the abintegro platform, an online Chinese language professional development training package, and a Chinese online career development learning platform.

Benefits to the company

  • Development of new commercial products
  • Anticipated increase in turnover after year one

Benefits to the university

  • Fostered collaboration between UK and Chinese contacts which provide experience for student

Benefits to society

  • Chinese versions of smartphone apps
  • Online Chinese language professional development training package
  • Chinese online career development learning platform

Future Plans

LanHai Careers Management Ltd have secured Guangdong Provincial Department for Science and Technology (GDST) funding for a project with Xuanyuan with a value of RMB 1 million (around £100,000).

Under the framework of Memorandum of Understanding signed by the GDST and Lancaster University, GDST provides match funding to companies or research institutes who are collaborating with the catalyst companies to jointly develop products, processes and services for the global market on the basis of new technologies.