The Organisation, based at InfoLab21, was founded in 2009 by Aaron Crewe, a digital marketing consultant with over a decade of experience in the industry. Over the past six years they have grown into a full‐service award-winning integrated digital marketing consultancy, providing services for businesses to outsource their digital marketing strategy.

The Challenge

Rapidly expanding integrated digital marketing consultancy was looking for a skilled graduate to create software for the organisation, and to develop several of the company’s websites.

Skills Sought

  • Web development
  • Software development

The Solution

Justin Dee, a graduate with BSc Computer Science, was recruited through the Science and Technology Internship programme for a three month internship with He developed the company’s website interface and software and increased their online marketing presence. He also established suitable equations that developed company software offers.

CostSantandar Universities Logo

The internship was part-financed by at £1,500 +VAT for the three month internship, and part-financed by Santander, with a total value of £3,300.


The development work carried out has assisted in the formation of several product and service offerings that have been integrated into the service portfolio, and allowed the company to diversify and attract new clients and collaborators as a result. Justin’s work on internally-used software has also been a contributing factor to the company’s high rate of client retention.

Benefits to the company

  • Knowledge and expertise of a Lancaster University Science and Technology student
  • Developed the company’s website interface and software development
  • Allowed the company to develop its offering to clients
  • Provided the potential for growth
  • Provided a dedicated in-house developer to support existing development work
  • Improvements made to internal software increased reporting quality and efficiency, previously this had been a very time-consuming task
  • The addition of another member of staff with procedural data analysis skills has brought about many productive collaborative efforts between the team on both client and internal projects

Company Feedback

“As a business, it’s fantastic having access to the talent pool of diverse and skilled graduates that Lancaster generates, and the internship programme goes a long way towards making it possible for us (as an SME) to recruit bright and innovative young people to join our company and build a future together. Four of our current full-time members of staff are Lancaster graduates and were part of the Santander internship programme – myself included.

“Our partnership with Lancaster University has been of huge benefit in building a team of employees that share a productive work ethic and are always keen to push forward, in both personal and business development. Our graduates retain strong, friendly ties to their university departments and this, along with our proximity to the main campus, makes us an active part of the intellectually stimulating atmosphere of Lancaster University.

“Justin became such a valued and integral part of our team during his internship, it led to a permanent position in the company once the internship ended, which speaks well of both Justin and the quality of the Santander internship programme for businesses looking to obtain talented staff.” Biology with Psychology graduate Monica Gwizdala, Head of Agency,

Student Feedback

“I have definitely improved my technical skills in several areas as a result of the internship. Relevant employment experience in the right sector, which is so essential for any future employment, made me feel better prepared for graduate employment. The internship led to further employment with my host organisation.” Justin Dee, BSc Computer Science Graduate, intern.

Future Plans

As well as recruiting students, the business has worked with academics at InfoLab21 on collaborative research funding bids, benefited from business support programmes through the Management School, such as the LEAD course and the Lancashire Forum, and is developing projects with the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and other departments.