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Simplifi-Solutions Limited, based in Lancaster Environment Centre, has a client list including BMWCentricaBAE Systems and Jaguar Landrover amongst others. Their Simplifi compliance software suite provides a range of tools to help businesses monitor and manage their compliance with relevant energy, environmental and health and safety legislation.

The Challenge

Simplifi-Solutions has developed a highly specialised software product, the main part of which is a legal register which is built automatically using a profiling tool within the software. This tool is essentially a series of questions based on the organisations' processes and practices and once this questionnaire has been completed by the user, a register of relevant legislation is created and automatically updated as new legislation is released or amended. Within the register, each item of legislation includes 'at a glance' and 'in depth' summaries as well as the full text, which allows clients to view legislation quickly and easily.

The company wanted to grow their business, by expanding their management, sales and support services, whilst also continuing to adapt and develop software and investigate new markets, and approached Lancaster University for assistance.

Skills Sought

  • Ability to synthesise/summarise information
  • Excellent telephone communication skills
  • A good working knowledge of IT
  • Ability to work independently and to deadlines
  • Ability to work within a small team when required

The Solution

A Lancaster University student was recruited through the Science and Technology Internship Programme for a twelve week internship with Simplifi-Solutions.

The student updated the register of legislation on a regular basis, ensured that amendments to legislation were researched and added regularly, updated the register with details of prosecutions for non-compliance, and produced a monthly newsletter.

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The internship was part financed by Simplifi Solutions Limited at £1,500 + VAT for the three-month internship, and part financed by Santander, with a total estimated value of £9,120.


The research informed the development of the register to provide robust support to their existing client base and helped attract new clients.


  • Expanded the client base and grew the company
  • Provided a more robust support to their existing client base
  • Anticipated 2 new jobs created and 2 jobs safeguarded
  • Anticipated improvement in business performance leading to a 100% GVA improvement over 3 years

Company Feedback

"We have been delighted with the internship scheme, from start to finish we have had a great experience in preparing, searching and finding a suitable candidate for our business.

"We have been so delighted with the calibre of the candidate we selected that we have gone on to offer them a permanent job within our organisation.

"I would have no hesitation in suggesting or recommending this path to any other businesses looking to find suitable candidates for their businesses."

Jonathan Crawford, Managing Director, Simplifi Solutions Limited