Xyone Cyber Security Solutions Limited

The Organisation

Xyone Cyber Security Solutions Limited, based at InfoLab21 at Lancaster University, provides accessible and dynamic services which extend beyond technology to encompass people, culture, processes and even the physical environment to make their clients as resilient as possible. They employ a team of certified ethical hackers, qualified consultants and expert trainers to offer a complete end-to-end repertoire of cyber security for their clients.


The Challenge

Xyone Cyber Security Solutions Limited provide essential support to businesses in order to secure data, assets and intellectual property against the threat of cybercrime. They wanted an intern to assist in the launch of a new service, the Cyber Advisory Service (CAS), populate the company website with frequently asked questions and information, and provide a front-line service to callers to the company.

Skills Sought

  • Experience in IT
  • Experience with customer service
  • Knowledge of cyber security

The Solution

Jenny Lam, MSci IT for Creative Industries with Industrial Experience, was recruited through the Science and Technology Internship Programme for a twelve week internship with Xyone Cyber Security Solutions Limited. Jenny helped to develop a new service known as the Cyber Advisory Service (CAS). She converted the idea into a workable process and oversaw its development and growth into a functioning prototype to use as a pilot. She developed the content for the online service and outlined the procedures within CAS for future staff to follow.

Outside of the CAS project she assisted the North West Cyber Security Cluster (NWCSC) with administration and communication tasks, and managed social media profiles for both the cluster and CAS.

CostSantandar Universities Logo

The internship was part-financed by Xyone Cyber Security Solutions Limited at £1,500+VAT, and part-financed by Santander, with a total value of £3,300. ‌


The new service provides free and impartial advice on cyber security issues and breaches for any small and medium enterprises within any industry across the UK.


“Jenny’s placement allowed Xyone to develop and test a methodology and criteria for us to launch the Cyber Advisory Service, which is a new layer of client support for our company, and was something we weren’t able to explore prior to Jenny’s placement due to lack of internal resource. The Cyber Advisory Service is something that is much needed by the sector and provides front-line support to businesses who fear they may be the subject of a cyber-breach, allowing the client to access a first port-of-call, and providing the partners of CAS with opportunities to offer their skills.

“Using the advanced knowledge and expertise of one of Lancaster University’s Technology students was very advantageous to us, as Jenny was able to offer her ideas and thoughts during the development process, which was really useful in getting additional opinion.” Sarah Green, Strategic Operations Manager, Xyone Cyber Security Solutions Limited.

  • Knowledge and expertise of Lancaster University Science and Technology students
  • Allowed the company to develop CAS, a product which will enhance their services to their clients, and grow the company
  • Saved Xyone Cyber Security Solutions Limited management time

Company Feedback

“The project helped us develop our new service – CAS – and saved us time. The internship undertaken by Jenny was a huge resource support to a small business like ours, and really provided us with the opportunity to move forward, not only with the CAS project, but with other areas of the business due to the additional support in place.

“We’re really so grateful to have been given the opportunity and I would highly recommend the internship programme to other small businesses. The positives we have received as a result have been tremendous, not only for us, but in helping Jenny improve her skills for employment post-graduation.

“Jenny was instrumental in taking the idea of CAS and transforming it into a working, operative business process and commercial service, for which we are grateful to Jenny, and Lancaster University in helping us find the support we needed. Working with Jenny both during her internship and as a result of getting to know her personality and her skills has been very rewarding to Xyone, and hopefully Jenny too as she embarks on her first professional role within the cyber security sector.” Sarah Green, Strategic Operations Manager, Xyone Cyber Security Solutions Limited.

Student Feedback

“The internship was a great way for me to practice and refine my project management skills, and learn about how businesses operate in an industry different to my previous experiences. My technical knowledge also improved from gathering content for CAS, as well as speaking to technical staff about their work. Being involved in the NWCSC was a fantastic networking opportunity to meet directors from various IT companies.

“Having worked for a cyber-security company, I am now fairly certain I want to pursue a career in the cyber security industry, whereas previously I was uncertain due to a lack of experience and awareness in the area. Following on from this internship, I will be starting a placement with Xyone in January as part of my course.” Jenny Lam, MSci IT for Creative Industries with Industrial Experience, Xyone Cyber Security Solutions Limited Intern.

Future Plans

Xyone Cyber Security Solutions Limited continues to work as part of the North West Cyber Security Cluster, which is based at InfoLab21 and supported by Lancaster University. The cluster aims to raise industry standards by establishing a minimum certification level for entry to the group, with the ambition that high quality accreditation becomes the norm for all businesses operating in the cyber security sector.