Pilot IAA Call January 2013 - Results Announced

Nearly £75,000 was awarded to Lancaster University researchers across a number of academic departments to enable them to engage with external partners and accelerate the impact of their activities.

IAA Pilot Call January 2013 Recipients

Dr Chris Edwards (Computing and Communications) awarded £5,000
Chris will work with BMCE Networks in developing a robust, cost effective wireless communications link technology that could provide low cost communications in rural third world locations.

Dr Xiandong Ma (Engineering) awarded £4,957
Xiandong will work with TNEI Services Ltd in developing a smart DC nano-grid with less power losses by efficient integration of micro renewable energy generators and load management.

Dr Xiandong Ma (Engineering) awarded £4,947
Xiandong will also work with Wind Prospect Ltd to develop and refine advanced data mining techniques for early warning of the incipient failures for the turbines.

Bran Knowles and Dr Lynne Blair HighWire (Centre for Doctoral Training/Computing and Communications) awarded £5,000
Bran and Lynne will work with Common Cause in creating a policy report around sustainable computing in order to ensure the future research agenda of this topic has the desired environmental impact.

Prof. Kirk Semple (Lancaster Environment Centre) Awarded £5,000
Kirk will work with AD ENERG Ltd to assess the viability of using micro-anaerobic digestion technology to enable safe waste disposal and the generation of energy for military and disaster relief applications.

Dr Peter Carrington (Physics) awarded £5,000
Peter will work with Compound Semiconductor Technologies in validating, scaling up and optimising high efficiency solar cells.

Dr Manus Hayne (Physics) awarded £5,000
Manus will work with Tyco Fire Protection Products in developing optical scattering techniques within fire detectors for cheaper and more accurate detection.

Dr Manus Hayne and Dr Oleg Kolosov (Physics) awarded £5,000
Manus and Oleg will work with Oclaro Inc to further develop beam-exit cross-sectional polishing (BEXP), a low cost method of evaluating semi-conductor layers.

Dr Oleg Kolosov (Physics) awarded £5,000
Oleg will work with NT-MDT Europe BV in developing the functionality of atomic force microscopes (AFMs) to enable them to detect material properties at nanoscale resolution.

Prof. Tony Krier (Physics) awarded £5,000
Tony will also work with Compound Semiconductor Technologies in producing a demonstrator thermophotovoltaic (TPV) cell that directly converts waste heat into electric power.

Professor Colin Lambert (Physics) awarded £20,000
Colin will work with BP in developing new families of amphiphilic surfactants within the oil and automotive industries. The funding from the IAA will be matched by BP.

Dr Andrew Marshall (Physics) awarded £4,750
Andrew will work with Amethyst Research Ltd on novel infrared (IR) imaging sensor technology, to enhance performance of IR sensors and related electro-optical devices.